T’s 15th Mon February FTF

On the train to Naples for a useless national meeting that, my boss informed me, I couldn’t afford to miss. Ah! Had to wake up at 5:30, the train is a high speed one, travelling at 240 Km/h and it makes me feel sick. Nothing surprising or new here. But you bet I am not in the right mood for a happy cheerful starting of the week.

Ok, I brought work with me, at least the train has a good wifi dedicated service. I will do my best not to fall prey of resentment and bad moods and to focus on getting something profitable out of this day. Not in terms of academic politicking, which I am admittedly rubbish at and I don’t honestly understand in the least, but in terms of getting some good work done for me.

  • 2 hour writing: focus of sections 8 and 9: be bold and cut what doesn’t fit in
  • read student’s BA thesis (45 pp.)
  • read article about evolutionary ethics
  • eventually brainstorm for possible title for my talk in September about evolutionary ethics
  • if nothing else works, at least try to recover some sleep on the way back

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