SL’s FTF, Mon 15th Feb

Had a good weekend –  a quiet day on Saturday, writing up the Madeira dinner, and researching film noir, then yesterday D came round for what turned out to be an epic lunch! We started at 1.30 and he didn’t leave till about 8.30. It was very nice, and the invitation to visit him in upstate New York was repeated. I think it could actually happen, maybe next year…

Today we have a meeting with K’s sister who is apparently looking for a job. The job we have isn’t available until April when other K goes back to New Zealand, and K’s sister isn’t quite the perfect match, but K has been so good that we thought if we can have another person like her on the team it could only be a good thing. Will be interesting. After that I must get on with the minutes from last week which I’ve barely started.

  • breakfast
  • STLs 
  • prep for meeting K’s sister
  • meet K’s sister
  • deal with whatever else has cropped up over the weekend
  • get on with the minutes!
  • food shopping
  • self-improvement half hour
  • have an early night

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