calypte 13th February

Ahhh, weekend! 🙂 Following last week’s not-very-restful one, this one finds me chilled out and happy. And maybe even productive 😉

Top o’the ‘wannas’:

  • mindfulness course – week 1 complete, and really liking it
  • reviews- lots! Behind on last week’s movies, finished a book during the week, and want to post a Valentines Deadpool review (no joke: the romance in the storyline was actually sweet, in a messed-up way 🙂 )
  • sort eBooks
  • detroll
  • catch up on viewing!
  • bath

Decluttering/organisation possibilities and chores:

  • look through HMRC stuff in prep for phone call next week re emergency tax code (urgh)
  • laundry
  • KonMari a drawer
  • reorganise bookshelves – incl. putting the current ‘project’ stuff accessible
  • make the study usable
  • start ‘inventorying’

Could dos:

  • start on birthday card(s)
  • other card (!)
  • cooking/baking of some description
  • secret goal…!?!
  • sort some more of the music

Comments on: "calypte 13th February" (1)

  1. Hurrah for a cheerful weekend!

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