SL’s FTF, Fri 12th Feb

Hope your surgery went well, Wren.

Had my lunch with the random bloke yesterday – it was all right in the end. We had enough to talk about to keep the conversation going for an hour and a half.

Last night was really fun. There were some great wines and it was good to see T and D and other D and P etc. Afterwards several of us sat outside (they have some sort of heater thing in the canopy) finishing things off and there was a lot of banter. Got home about 11.30 – the days when it used to go on till 2 in the morning are behind us! – and am feeling relatively human today.

  • breakfast
  • ironing
  • STLs
  • payments
  • adjust budget for Needy & Greedy
  • some other thing I have to do for N&G – N&G is certainly  living up to his nickname at the moment!
  • run and send monthly fund statements
  • then maybe I can get on with the minutes from Tuesday?
  • call Mum
  • catch up on the Good Wife
  • hopefully get an early night

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