T’s 10th febr. Wed FTF

Yesterday went well, and I feel back on track. I postponed the writing and posting of FTF because I did my writing beforehand, and this is what seems to work better. either that, or psoting in the night before. So I already did my 2 hour writing today, isn’t this absolutely great? Which doesn’t mean that I am done with the writing, of course, but that is the only writing I do monitor, trying to form an habit for when I will have to resume my teaching load.

So ok, the paper isn’t completely revised yet. But yesterday I gave the first half to a colelague, so today I’ll collect feedback. Thanks god academia isn’t just a place where colelagues are trying to stab you in the back!

I’ll play along by ear (is this how you say? by ear? by ears?) today, trying to push forward as much as I can. Trying to apply the notion of approx. 1 hour work and 15  minutes break, to see if that way i can accomplish more and get tired less.


Comments on: "T’s 10th febr. Wed FTF" (1)

  1. “Play it by ear” is the way it’s said in the US. 🙂

    Way to go with getting on track! That’s fantastic!!! I think that everyone gets off track, and the people who succeed at their goals are the ones who are able to recognize it and get right back on track.

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