2/10/16 ftf, wren

Surgery is this morning, and I’m supposed to check in at the hospital at 9:30 a.m.  I won’t lie.  I am dreading it.  It’s going to be painful, and the recovery is going to be long.  Two months in a hard cast, one more month in a brace, and then a lot of physical therapy to regain function. I am not looking forward to it but must make the best of the situation.

I’ve been reading a few articles about the importance of rest after injury.  These articles talk about “active rehabilitation,” which I think means making adjustments so that some type of activity continues while the injured areas get rest.  Resting after injury is not my strong suit, as demonstrated by the Achilles tendon problem that I’ve had for about a year and a half now.  Maybe it is time to let up a bit and embrace the concept of rest.

I feel okay about getting everything in order at work yesterday.  I’ve read and responded to e-mails this morning and expect that I might do little to nothing on Thursday and Friday.


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  1. Sending you good vibes for both the op and recovery! And of COURSE you should be planning to do nothing Thursday/Friday – see earlier comment (yours) re embracing rest!! 😉

  2. Hope the surgery goes well. Wren, try to face each day on its own, surely looking at this as a whole big lump of pain and difficult recovery is not much help, today you focus on surgery, and then, yes, rest will be important. What can help you get the proper rest that you need? I don’t know, audiobooks maybe? listening to music? reading? Or getting some extra help at home? or getting a dogsitter to walk the dogs? or asking to be substitued at work? I was utterly shocked when I read that you plan to work from home. Surely you need rest to recover after the surgery, it’s a very delicate time, not less important than the surgery time! So, perhpas you can try to think of a solution that can leave you fairly happy at least? But you will start focusing on rest from tomorrow. And we are here to help, mind you!

  3. Paws crossed it all goes well, wren. Thinking of you.

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