T’s 9th Febr. Tues FTF

Morning guys!

Yesterday I sat on giving (oral) exams with a colleague all day long, this colleague is a huge stakhanovist (and my superior) and he went on till 8pm. The last student was so worn out and unfocused that would not accept the vote (although it wasn’t a bad one in the end), and said she was going to re-do the exam on another exam session. My colleague told her that this was a mistake and at that point I turned at him saying, only half smiling and joking: “No, yours is the mistake, you don’t keep students waiting for 11 hours and expect them to feel that they truly did their best! We should have quitted long ago.”. I was totally enraged. Ok, he had said I could go one hour before. And it wasn’t that I was obliged to stay there. And also, I knew I could tell him as much as openly, but I was really tired and fed up at that point. What a huge useless day.

I had been doing very well, after I finished my teaching load for this year, committing to writing 2 h every day. Yesterday I got up early and managed to sneak in 40′, thinking I might have been able to add during the day to reach my daily 2 h quota. I did sneak in 10′ (amazing what one can manage to do in 10′ of focused work, BTW) at lunch break, but that was all, and yesterday evening I felt so shattered, enraged, tired, hungry and on sleep withdrawal that I didn’t manage to go back to do the rest of it. So ok, I’ve broken the chain. NOW, I do not want this to become and excuse and an alibi, I was doing so well. So  today as a totally unstructured (aka free) day, and therefore a dangerous one is laying before me, I will re-start building the chain of the 2h writing.


Oh, and I happen to have a book suggestion for you, in case:



Comments on: "T’s 9th Febr. Tues FTF" (2)

  1. Crumbs, I thought our monster meetings were bad enough, but 11 hours of examining? Feel very sorry for that poor last student, and think you were right to say something!

    Hope you can get back on track with your writing streak, and the book looks interesting, thanks for the link.

  2. Holy mackerel, that oral exam schedule sounds like torture! I can understand why you said something to the prof. That was possibly your rebel nature showing through. I can understand why you weren’t up to writing after all of that and think it’s great that you are committing to starting right back on your schedule. That seems like discipline to me!

    The verbal judo book does look interesting, especially for anyone working in academia and especially for any female working in academia!

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