T’s 8th Febr. Mon. FTF

*** Wren and Calypte, sorry for not answering you, but after my 1 option reply I’m stuck. I know you already explained to me how to go on chatting, but I honestly can’t remember how that works with the reply button not appearing there anymore: my brain just blocks at the thought: oh, this is so stupid really, that the chat function is so dodgy. Ok. So please, if it was important do ask again

We have been under the deluge for 24+ hours now. Taking out my Hunter rubber boots, that I got when in Boston, to get into work this morning, methinks.

Busy day, my head feels clear, after an extremely nice quiet weekend. I am still thinking about the 4 tendencies by Gretchen Rubin, and have been asking friends to take the quiz. All of them seem to be very well aware that the result make sense. Still trying to come to terms with my rebel outcome, I guess. I guess, I don’t like it so very much. Sounds very much a recipe for failure to my ears, as it puts such a blight on every attempt to form habits etc. My husband is another rebel. Compeltely different rebellions ours, though. Ah!

On to today:

  • writing session (pre-work): draft new closure for section 4
  • brace myself to face the deluge outside & dress accordingly
  • morning and afternoon will likely be spent with students’ exams
  • lunch with colleague
  • after 5pm check in with hubby and his flu after he saw the doctor

I plan to be serene and amiable as much as I can today for the exams. Curb my usual fury. Amen.




Comments on: "T’s 8th Febr. Mon. FTF" (1)

  1. I think that being a rebel is a fine thing! It means you’re a free thinker.

    If I want to extend comments, I do it by going to the dashboard and then clicking on “comments.”

    I hope you are having a serene day!

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