SL’s FTF, Mon 8th Feb

It emerged at Christmas that my mother had never heard of Marie Kondo so I took my copy home last weekend in case she was interested. I warned her it’s a bit nuts with the lining up of socks etc, but when I spoke to her on the phone on Friday night, she’d cleared out 6 bin bags of clothes and was feeling a great sense of achievement! Wasn’t expecting that! 🙂

Had a quiet weekend but went for a walk yesterday and started writing again, which felt good. I had been thinking a) I have no ideas and b) I’ll start writing when I stop (or reduce) paid work, but reading the Nanowrimo book “No Plot, No Problem” the guy says it’s better to write when you’re busy because then you have to get it done, instead of spending days looking out of the window and procrastination. So, I made a start. I have no plot structure whatsoever at this stage and am just seeing where it goes. I’m generating some ideas, even if they’re very derivative at this stage! And it was fun, which is probably the most important thing.

On to today… it’s our quarterly big meeting tomorrow so I’d like to be fully prepped for it by the end of the day. Had a call from the Chairman on Friday asking a few questions – she’s great like that, she doesn’t spring stuff on you at the meeting itself – so feeling fairly positive.

  • ironing
  • prep lunch
  • breakfast
  • deal with parcel
  • STLs
  • talk to C about LRT accounts 
  • review papers
  • need to discuss bank mandates etc with Z
  • prep my commentary
  • checking
  • food shopping
  • dinner with G – there’s some thing on Channel 4 tonight about how the rich avoid taxes, which is his area, so we’re going to watch that

Comments on: "SL’s FTF, Mon 8th Feb" (5)

  1. Well done to your mum on the clear out! I’m still reading-but-not-yet-implementing the book: it is nuts, but at the same time there’s a lot of sense underneath. I’m looking forward to ‘filing’ my t-shirts 🙂

    A well done to you with the writing! I really really need to get myself back to it, so if you want to team up on a motivational challenge, let me know! I also got a book – 642 writing prompts – for Christmas, and happy to post some of the cues if you want to try them.

  2. I’m very impressed with your mom’s decluttering progress and your writing progress! These are both tough things for me to do.

    • Maybe you need a gestation period. For some reason this weekend the writing was like uncorking a bottle and it all came gushing out, and I became really absorbed in it!

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