calypte 6th Febrary

Quick request: can we change the ‘Happy Holidays’ banner? šŸ˜‰ (I’d do it, but I don’t have access rights).

Scrabbling to find some balance at the moment. While I’m over the ‘I’m-coming-down-with-something’ exhaustion, I seem to have picked up a rather more normal cold – so far fending off anything over a bit of extra sneezing and snuffling, and now a very tiny sore throat, but have to say I am sick of not being healthy! It’s putting me in a weird position of wanting even more to go to the gym, to start an exercise regime that’ll give me more energy in every day life, but feeling a little too ‘bleh’ to want to actually go now. Hurumph.

It’s not helping that the little stresses seem to be accumulating. I’ve found myself on an emergency tax code for some unknown reason, and work’s payroll have been totally unhelpful so I’ll need to sort that. Then I gotĀ yet another summons for jury duty – this is starting to feel like harassment!! My generalĀ lack of energy is making even the fun outingsĀ feel a little chore-like, so even with a ‘mental health’ holiday on Wednesday, I was super-looking forward to my weekend… so absolutely not the week I needed work to suddenly be pressuring us to put in some extra hours and – you have to be kidding! – commit to working *overnight* on Sunday should the current issue not be 100% fixed. What the heck?! Biting back on a rant about that, but just meh o_O

So, trying to find some calm and happier thoughts, since I am dreadful at shrugging off stress (ooh – wouldn’t that gym stuff absolutely help!? Gah! ;)). Managed along to the cinema last night for the first time since before Christmas and it was WONDERFUL! I mean, the film was pretty dreadful (Point Break; remake of a film I was obsessed with in my early teens!) but just the escapism! Today I’ve got a ‘secret screening’ – a movie preview, but we don’t know what – so really looking forward to that (although telling myself that it will NOT be Deadpool, so stop hoping!). And first I’m going to potter along to the shops to return an item, get stuff for my dad, and treat myself to just a tiny bit of retail therapy! šŸ™‚

I’ll get there.Ā In the meantime, happy thoughts!


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  1. Sounds like a rough week. Hope your retail therapy encourages those calm and happy thoughts!

  2. You’re right about how much the gym would help, or even just daily walks or a few work out at home videos. When I don’t feel like exercising, I commit to ten minutes. If I still feel icky after ten minutes, I figure that my body wants rest, but most of the time I’m ready for more after the first ten minutes.

    I thought the holiday banner had been changed and we’d moved on to a dead-of-winter banner. ??? I’d change it but also don’t have the right access.

    • I didn’t mean the banner, so much as the text – gone now!

      That’s a good rule for the exercise. The mad dash around the shops yesterday ended up feeling like exercise, and it certainly seemed to do me some good – must remember that, and lose at least one of the excuses!

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