SL’s FTF, Fri 5th Feb

Met up with R, an old friend from my previous workplace, last night only to discover he’s just had an operation for a brain tumour. All is well and it wasn’t malign, but sounded like a scary time. Am very glad he’s ok. While this was all going on he got married to his girlfriend in a hurry (they have two little boys) so there’s going to be a party in May. That should be fun.

We went to the Hawksmoor bar in Spitalfields which was very nice and does great cocktails for a not massive amount of money. I’ve been to the restaurant a couple of times but not the bar downstairs. The hipster waiter was very well-informed about the weird ingredients in the cocktails! Then we went to Bleecker St Burgers in Spitalfields market which was also great. It’s a hole in the wall and then there are some picnic tables nearby, so quite casual. The food was possibly even better than Byron, given my most recent Byron experience – Bleecker St actually had food! 🙂

On to today… I have a random lunch with someone from UCL. He wanted to meet to talk about some work-related stuff and then suggested lunch and I was too slow off the mark to think of a good reason why not, but wish it was just a normal meeting really as I don’t know where to suggest we should go etc. Oh well, am sure it will be fine.

  • breakfast
  • STLs
  • deal with annoying sponsorship invoices
  • deal with slightly snippy response from Trust management accountant about invoice I was querying
  • get on with massive pile of checking
  • weird work-related lunch
  • self-improvement half hour
  • call Mum
  • whatever else I feel like doing – it’s Friday!

Comments on: "SL’s FTF, Fri 5th Feb" (3)

  1. I hope that all goes well with the lunch. I be that it will. 🙂

  2. I’m so glad your friend’s story has a happy ending. Been far too many of the other kind of late, in the news or friends of friends 😦

    We’ve had a Byron open in Edinburgh this week – went for their opening night, and it was lovely!

    • Yes, I was very relieved, and he told me it had a happy ending before he told me the rest of it. Definitely too many of the other kind lately 😦 Glad you enjoyed Byron, it’s usually pretty great!

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