Moosie Tuesday 2 February

Thought I’d do a random month-end-ish status update (started writing this on Saturday) as it’s been a while! A few random developments to report – in general I had a bit of a sleepy slump in the middle of the month, my to-do lists got our of control and I got a bit overwhelmed, but I’m feeling more on top of things now. I’m using my flexidays and some holiday to work alternate three-day and four-day weeks, I’ve taken my workouts down from 6 to 5 a week, and that’s allowed me to gig 2-3 times a week and time to write and record, so I feel like the right things are getting done.

One if my meta-goals for this year was to experiment more with collaborating with other musicians, and on my first attempt I seem to have found a pretty good fit with a country-ish Oregon-born almost-cowboy. We’re only a couple of weeks in but we’ve been playing each other’s songs and gigged together twice and it really seems to work, so it’s looking like we’re forming a duo and there may well be some recording in the offing. It’s also MASSES of fun! more fun than I’ve had/let myself have in a really really long time. Bit of a revelation there.

The weekend was a mixed one, one of the open mics I started going to a lot last year is closing down and it was the last night on Sunday and we made a bit of a night of it. It’s a bit sad but also a big reminder of the friendships made – so many great people – and we’re all going to keep in touch and find other places to play. Saturday I was up at the hospital with my friend and her husband, and that was quite tough but I’m glad to have been there. So a mix of very good things on one hand to balance out some quite distressing things on the other.

Heading back in to work now! Quite busy with projects going on there and trying to work out what my next move is going to be – music very much the main focus at the moment.

Hope you’re all doing well and that January has treated you well. I saw daffodils yesterday! Is it OK to get excited about spring now?!


Comments on: "Moosie Tuesday 2 February" (3)

  1. Oh, daffodils! Ours are there somewhere, under four feet of snow! I’d get excited about Spring, if I were in your shoes. Your focus on music sounds wonderfully fulfilling and exciting. I so admire your ability to pursue your dreams in a well-considered way that is obviously working. And I wish the best for your friend. Here’s to a fabulous February!

  2. Lovely to hear things are going so well, and you were able to reshuffle your schedule when you needed to.

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