2/2/16 ftf, wren

I made it through the first day back to work.  Actually, worked seemed less stressful than being at my mom’s.  I hope to make more progress on my work to-do list today, as I really need to get started on the annual budget.

The snow has stopped for now, thank goodness, but there’s lots of cold in the forecast.  The snow is so deep that it may not be possible to get the dogs out, especially in the morning.  Definitely not my preference! 




Freezing Dog Time!


work day


check for new applicants

prepare for interview


mail mail

check on PARS (due 2/11)


p card reallocations

look into prof ed courses for fund raising

order refreshments for Open House

begin FY17 budget

DF Interim Report


biogen forgiveness of reimbursement letter

need more POs!

invoice clinical trials

LMS training

p card documentation

close out 09857



Clinical Correlates uTRAC exemption

after work

some sort of happy dog time


early sleep



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  1. Yes, the first primary was yesterday. Very nerve-wracking. I really don’t like Trump’s public persona and suspect he’s just as much of a jerk in private, but I think his proposed policies are the lesser of the Republican evils, especially when compared to Cruz’s. I liked Sanders when he was an eloquent senator who enjoyed pointing out the flaws in our system. I really dislike him as a presidential candidate. Hillary Clinton is far and away the more qualified candidate. If it were actually possible for Sanders to do the things he’s promising, I’d be on board, but I think that a Sanders presidency would be four years of extreme deadlock.

    Anyway, my opinion aside, I usually consult Nate Silver for an analysis of these things, and what I’ve read is that the Sanders loss (or tie, according to his fans), is a big loss for him. The Iowa constituency is heavily loaded toward the usual demographic of his supporters, much more so than many states, so he should have handily won. It’s also considered to be a big win for Clinton, as she gained many votes when compared to the Obama-Clinton Iowa primary, in which Obama won by a huge margin.

    What’s your opinion on all of this?

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