T’s 25th Jan Monday

Yesterday on a whim I decided to come back to hometown and to husband. I hadn’t been seeing him in 2 weeks because of work. Such a good choice, albeit that tad irrational to commute in the wrong direction on a sunday, of all things.

So today I’m in hometown, where I usually get derailled. And the morning started rather on the derailled side of the hill.

Basic FTF plan for today:

write 2 h: revise pp. 1-6

redraft pp. 7-10

prep. a nice lunch (without getting engulfed in the happy housewife cliché)

redraft pp. 11-15

check work emails and answer

revise pp. 16-20

keep darkly plotting on his back with his friends for the surprise party for his birthday

talk about the spa retreat for the 5-8 Febr weekend




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