T’s 21st Jan Thurs FTF

A late start this morning, but at least I was able to recover and got a solid 8 hour sleep night. I got a good feeling these days, that things are turning out nicely, although there is so much on my plate now and for the whole full year that, if I start just to rationally think about it, I feel helpless. So I’ll go with my guts instead, and keep steadily working on.

  • 2-h-writing: HallePaper (revise/redraft/edit section P-Q and R)
  • prep. lunch soup
  • clean kitchen
  • 2-h-writing: HP (revise section Sa, Sb, Sc)
  • check in to library: (work on the ArT title)
  • 6,30 bodybalance
  • social: I. skype






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