SL’s FTF, Thurs 21st Jan

I have a weird situation going on at the moment. At the end of December I ordered some walking boots and other stuff, with the intention of going on some group walks this year. The stuff still hasn’t arrived and part of the order appears to have been cancelled presumably because they didn’t have the thing in stock that they said they did. Now I find that the rest of it has actually been delivered to someone who lives in a block of flats with the same name as mine, but about 5 miles away! He left a message on my landline. Tried to call him 3 times last night without success. The whole thing is such a bore, don’t really want to spend my weekend trekking out to the middle of nowhere, but on the other hand it’s nice of the guy to tell me he has the stuff and I can’t really expect him to post it to me. I wonder if he could just send it back to the place? Am so cheesed off with them and their courier company in particular! Since when was WC1 the same as SW16 ffs. Grrrr. I find this kind of thing so energy-draining.

On to today then…

  • breakfast
  • STLs
  • check PRO accounts and discuss with C
  • need to call the guy at the bank
  • finish accounts schedules – got a good amount done yesterday
  • Kings Cross, get cheese for weekend!
  • attempt to ring parcel guy again

Comments on: "SL’s FTF, Thurs 21st Jan" (4)

  1. Argh that is infuriating! You have the option of demanding your money back and leaving the company to sort out recovering the stuff from the guy.
    On the other hand SW16 is close for me I can meet him and give the stuff to you later if that helps? xx

    • Thanks for the offer, that’s kind of you. I’ll speak to him later. I suppose I could start having a dispute with the company but then it all gets quite unpleasant and I don’t really want the poor guy to get mixed up in it (although am mystified as to why he accepted the parcel, but maybe it arrived when he was out or something). Am going to be not that far away from Streatham on Sunday so hopefully I can go round and get it then.

  2. Delivery tends to get haphazard in December! I’d agree with Moose – it’s the company’s issue to deliver to you, not some random. Therefore they have failed to send you the paid for goods, and you should get your money back or the items sent out again.

  3. Lol – he did actually sound very nice on the phone, German I think! Anyway, the saga has ended this evening because he was in the area and had it in the boot of his car, so I’ve just met him and collected it. Failed to strike up the conversation predicted in your comment, but I did thank him about 500 times!

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