SL’s FTF, Wed 20th Jan

Another productive day yesterday plus a visit from a nice doc bringing chocolates! I helped him out with a contract for something, but it was hardly chocolate-worthy. Some of these very senior docs are not only super whizzy in their field but really know how to make friends and influence people 🙂

Today brings a less pleasant task as I have to do some stuff for Needy & Greedy – who certainly does not know how to make friends and has never brought chocs into the office despite eating about 50% of what other people bring in. Not entirely sure why it’s fallen to me to do this, must try not to be grumpy about it (and must let chief know about it next week too).

  • breakfast
  • call bloke who has a parcel for me – not quite sure how this has happened!
  • STLs 
  • investment allocations
  • prep for tedious phone call
  • tedious phone call
  • continue accounts – if I could get TB to balance by end of day, that would be enough
  • I keep wanting to go to Kings Cross to visit the food market – could tonight be the night?
  • self-improvement half hour
  • more Mad Men / reading

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