T’s 19th Tues Jan FTF

Excellent day yesterday, had fun challenging myself to finish tasks running against the sand in the hourglass. Ok, that’s a bit… obsessive behaviour perhaps, I admit it. On my desk I keep a timer, a stopwatch AND a 30′ hourglass. The hourglass is a recent acquisition, and is what challenges me the most (and I always love to play with a new challenge). Compared to the timer: it is silent, which is also a plus. So today I’ll go on working against the hourglass (and Philip Glass, talking of obsessive).


Halle paper:

  • 30′ revise section P-Q
  • 30′ revise section R
  • 30′ revise section U
  • revise T and count how many hourglasses it takes
  • revise each subsections of sect. S in 30′


  • decide which publications to include
  • collect them
  • make photocopies and create .pdf
  • do I need abstracts as well?
  • check the tutorial for uploading to IRIS platform
  • upload them

Gym: Bodybalance

There are many other things, but as this is meant to be FTF, I’ll stop here.


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