Moosie Tuesday 19 January

Phew! What a weekend! Had a couple of days of sleeping and two days of gigging back to back – then came home at midnight Monday morning and got the email that I passed my final exam! (thank you for all the kind Facebook comments :)) I had some last bits of training admin to do online today and that’s now DONE, once that comes back as recognised I just fill out the application form, so right now, for the first time in a decade, there’s nothing further I need do towards this qualification! It’s quite a lovely feeling.

In a whim on new year’s eve, I decided that this would be my year of flight – hurtling forth into excitement, fulfilment, freedom, and the unexpected! And it’s moments like this I feel that heady rush of wow! Things sure changed fast didn’t they??! It’s not like that everyday, but a balance between that and being able to rest and float at times.

For the rest of today I am going to do some reading and tidy up some work bits and bobs: tomorrow starts afresh. I’ve got a bucketload of ideas for what to do next, but just enjoying the feeling and the potential for now! There was a time when passing these exams felt every bit as impossible as the things that feel impossible now, which should be reassurance that I’m capable of acquiring the capabilities and the means to make things happen.


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  1. Wow, what a marvellous, inspiring post! Congratulations, and enjoy these precious feelings!

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