T’s 18th Mon January FTF

Nice weekend, got the worktown flat sorted out, and it was quite time! The sofa had been full with books and papers for almost a year now (that probably tells that I don’t much like to sit on the sofa anyway, and I live by a very strict code: no strangers in the flat in worktown, it’s my nest). Also, I arranged a great shelving system and filed all the current projects. This year is going to be horrible, terrible, terrific and exciting. I’ve taken up so many commitments that I almost can’t believe I was so foolish.


  • get to completion with the Halle paper (insert revisions, type conclusion, print it out, edit, re-print it out, give a copy to FB to get feedback and comments)
  • Ct5k /gym / 10000 steps
  • keep sorting the flat out (no more than 1 h: deal with the kitchen)
  • use the newly discovered passion planner downloads to plan the week ( http://www.passionplanner.com/downloads )
  • @BU: checks for prospective presentation title
  • keep working on Best Year Ever

Comments on: "T’s 18th Mon January FTF" (2)

  1. Definitely interested in hearing how the passion planner works for you.

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