calypte 16/17 January

A rather late start to today – went round to friends’ last night and it turned into a much later evening than planned. I’m still happy, though – my plan had been to leave earylish, as ever, but an hour slipped by unnoticed and I entered the phase of infrequent night buses, so had to hang around a bit longer til the next one of those was due (and then missed it anyway, cos they closed my bus stop and I hadn’t paid attention argh! Cue much jogging up Edinburgh streets hills, etc!!). Anyway, point being, it was nice not to be the party-pooper running away sharp and was a whole lot of fun. Worth a quiet Saturday, really! 🙂

Was much inspired last night to get hold of the book 50 Things to Draw that K had just started – even her first couple of efforts were amazing, following the step-by-step-ish diagrams. I really enjoyed my stint with Inktober last year, and picking up with something I used to enjoy a lot, and this seems like a good results with least thinking-effort method to improve my ability a bit. If I can find it for a fiver or so, I think I will – even though I need *more* habits/hobbies like a hole in the head! 😉

Talking of hobbies, today/this weekend was always going to be quietish [laughs at this after producing list below!], after the first full week back at work. Feels like my first fully ‘normal’ weekend since October! So plan is to pick away at some of the chores that have been building up, and some of the nice stuff I’ve been meaning to get around to.


  • phone VM again – they cut my bill after I complained, but I seem to have ‘lost’ my upcoming free speed increase, which sucks. Today’s big nasty frog, so to speak. Of course, put it off ’til Sunday, only to find they’re closed – argh! Well, Monday then!
  • laundry
  • portion/freeze soup
  • portion/freeze chilli (urm… assuming I can find freezer space o_O)
  • sort eBooks


  • make ragu and spiralize (2nd experiment) the butternut squash. Squashetti? Butternutti? I assume this one has a cute name, too!
  • do a little purge – not ready for the full Konmari (quite enjoying the book so far), but even just a bag of books/ornaments/clothes to the charity shop would be a welcome start, methinks
  • tidy the spare room – if I cleared a space, I’d have somewhere to organise the above. Plus, longer term goal this year is to make the room my ‘creative sanctuary’, which doesn’t work with clutter!
  • use the voucher to get some cheap spare specs – started trying to pick styles; this may take longer than 1 evening!
  • review(s)
  • bath 🙂
  • watch borrowed DVD
  • pre-order A Gathering of Shadows, since it’s on offer – yeah, it might come down yet, but it’s good enough 🙂

Think about:

  • another card
  • another recipe on AJJ
  • scribble! Want to get the page/day habit back again
  • calligraphy – another ‘wanna pick back up’
  • zentangle – ditto, plus was showing K/C last night, and offered a ‘lesson’ 🙂

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