T’s 15th Fri Jan FTF

First night of great sleep&rest in a long time. Finishing the teaching is liberating. I can travel again, I can decide where I want to work and just go. Great feeling.

It’s going to be a simple day today, I’ve just one big project to take care of. I’ll go on adding next action steps little by little during the day.


wrap the HallePaper up

  1. retrieve all the papers, books, notes and materials related to it and put everything on the desk
  2. retrieve the last version print out and digit the ms. notes in the file
  3. move around the parts following the new restructuring

Cook a healthy soup (try the seeweeds+beans)


1 h walk (beautiful bright day outside) or 30′ Ct5k

bits of tiny tiding up and cleaning the flat as breaks



  • last act (hopefully) re: homeowner’s association verbal




Comments on: "T’s 15th Fri Jan FTF" (1)

  1. It feels so good to have slept soundly. 🙂

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