T’s 13th Wed Jan FTF

Managed to solve some riddles yesterday in the end, and today feels good.


  • prepare for last 3-hour lectures
  • email MGC (cc: FB, ADR)
  • lecture 2.30-3.15 pm
  • office hours 3.30-5.30pm
  • revise Halle paper
  • make space on the home desk
  • take out ACD ms. and all materials (again)
  • go through the stuff and find the folder with the notes for my introductory essay
  • draft email for M/B proceedings

nuisances that can (should) be postponed

  • collect all info for the verbal of last house meeting (or how do you call the annual gathering of the occupants of a block of flats, sorry I forgot) [there’s a lesson to be learned here: never volunteer again, thinking that others won’t be able to do a decent job, considering that we were in a delicate spot and moving out of the reach of our current administrator, so the verbal should be able to stand up in case he wants to bring things up in a juridical fashion]
  • next: add the missing info, wrap it all up, send the file for feedback to LG
  • wait for LG feedback email to VC, GT for them to sign
  • edit, print, sign, scan&create pdf version,
  • send to LG, so that she can then send it to the all bunch of us + to previous administrator

mundane chores that had better not be postponed:

  • laundry
  • sew button in coat
  • hand wash the wool jumpers
  • retrieve my publications from last application process
  • buy the purple ribbon for my mum
  • rework through my goals and my whys

*** there’s a beautiful sun, take time for a walk (love the “Fit” app)


ETA: the trick that does it for me is to write the tasks in an actionable form, focusing on just the 2 or 3 (or even simply the one) next steps. When/if I start mapping out all the steps through to completion I soon enough feel to helpless to go on at all.


Comments on: "T’s 13th Wed Jan FTF" (5)

  1. I like the way you categorized your list today. 🙂

    Is your tedious volunteer meeting a homeowner’s association meeting or a tenant’s meeting, perhaps?

    • Excellent, yes, that’s it! a homeowner’s association. Thank you! In Italian we call it a “condo assembly” and there’s no way the other wording manages to stick to my mind.

  2. Actionable task lists sound ideal! 🙂

    • Sorry to contradict, but unactionable task sound ideal, actionable ones sounds very real! 😉

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