1/12/16 ftf, wren

I never did connect with the doctor yesterday.  Instead, his assistant and I exchanged phone messages all day long.  When I got home, she left a message asking me to e-mail her a photo of my wrist.  Not so easy, as I don’t have a phone with a data plan or a photo program on my current laptop.  I did not plan ahead for this situation.  🙂  Necessity led me to phone a very dear old friend to see if I could text my photo to him so that he could e-mail it back to me so that I could then send it to the doc from my e-mail.  Kind of a pain, but it was nice to enjoy an unexpected chat.  We talked about lots of stuff, including his dismay over the way his LA acquaintances are all responding to the news of David Bowie’s death with complaints about how old it makes them feel and my complaints about the Bernie Sanders campaign. It reminded me that I should make time to chat with my friends more often.  Here’s hoping the doc will be able to get me some answers and maybe some treatment suggestions today.  BTW, when one has a mysterious red swelling around a surgical site, it is not a good idea to go searching for answers on Google.  Ha!

Meanwhile, J was up and about yesterday, going to his two week post-surgical doctor visit and then running some errands.  It wore him out, but he is getting around much better.  We are planning to go off and visit my mom for at least a week starting this weekend, in large part because it is warm and dry where she lives.  That will make it a lot easier for J to get exercise (it’s all snow and ice here – no good for someone on crutches), and it will be a great relief to be out of the cold (-6F/-21C at the moment).

Anyway, there’s lot to do at work today.  I’m going to once again aim to complete 5-7 tasks on the work to-do list, remembering that my state of mind is always more important than the task that I am doing.




Freezing Dog Time!


work day


Scary space meeting

pay for incubator space

2015 annual state withholding report

quarterly state withholding report

N Allen monthly & quarterly xfers

schedule interviews

talk to NLF about “AD proposal”

Nov./Dec. earnings to income report (start w/RK)

reschedule appt

invoice ICH

PARS (due 2/11)


biogen forgiveness of reimbursement letter

p card documentation

need more POs!

Oct./Nov. EOR

invoice clinical trials

begin FY17 budget

LMS training

close out 09857



Clinical Correlates uTRAC exemption

after work

snow hike




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