T’s Monday 11th Jan FTF

On my train commute to worktown: since yesterday a warm pleasant wind has been blowing, most odd, the temperature is high (yesterday night it was 12° C). It feels so unnatural and worrying. Anyway, on to today:

I have been listening to the podcast How to jumpstart a productive day by Michael Hyatt. He urges to keep items in daily to-do list from 5 to 7 items. I bet, that way, the odds of crossing most of them off is higher. So I’ll try and keep my work-related list short.

  • BU application: draft project, turn applciation in by 1 pm
  • Hallepaper: insert longhand notes, move passages following rearranged structure
  • gym session
  • PRIN: read grant proposal and discuss feedback to B
  • unpack suitcases
  • open exams enrollment lists
  • Halle paper: print the new version out and re-read/edit

[gosh, doesn’t this list look drab? uhm]


ETA: (keeping track of what interfers with this neat plan and what unexpectedly crops up)

  • I had forgotten that a workshop, taking place this afternoon, needs attendance, in some sort of minimal form, maybe, go and this if it is as interesting as it seems
  • I had forgot that I needed to turn in the title of a paper I’m going to read at a workshop for today, which I haven’t really had any will/inspiration to think about, will need at least to write an email of postponment
  • wondering, is the 5-7 item list a mistaken trick after all? Onwards!
  • proofread paper Lyon
  • reference letter for student

Comments on: "T’s Monday 11th Jan FTF" (2)

  1. It’s interesting what you’ve read about list size. My lists are always much longer than 5-7 items, but lately I’ve been setting a daily goal of completing 5-7 items on my list, and I agree that does seem to be an amount that can be reasonably accomplished in a day.

  2. There’s a lot about at the moment on to do lists and the such – new year, and all! One I read used the ‘backlog’-type method, where you put absolutely everything on a list, but then only the items you’re really ready to tackle NOW go on today’s list. If you finish, you can take something off the backlog.

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