calypte 11th January

Well, that was a pretty rubbish day!

I really need to get myself to bed far sooner – really, really early, even if I then read for an hour – so that an hour’s tossing and turning (not unusual at the moment) doesn’t leave me drastically short on sleep. It doesn’t help the rest of the day.

At work, I was asked for help with a thing I helped set up, over two years ago. My “I’m probably not the best person these days but I can have a look, just on the offchance” went from gratefully received very swiftly to almost “yes, but what about this? And this? Fix it, fix it now!”. Highly frustrating day of that distracting me from my actual task (still unfinished, grr!) and downright fury that the requestor’s manager got in on it to practically demand I drop everything else and get it totally sorted for them NOW, as it was needed yesterday. Urm… that’s not how it works, people!! o_O

Then I spilled tea all over my chair. Sigh.

And, the sad news about David Bowie. I don’t usually react much to celebrity news, but this one was such a shock and it’s really hit me in the feels. All of the  quotes and pictures that have pinged up in tribute barely scratch the surface of what an amazing life this guy had – not just trend setter, but actual world-changer, in many ways. (Most of) my generation barely blink at a man in make-up, for instance, and that’s a lot to do with Bowie’s not-giving-a-damn, I think. He did what made him happy, regardless, and that is bloomin’ rare. Just… something.

Anyway. Early night. Reading. Tomorrow will be a better day.


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  1. Sounds like you had a stinker. Hope today goes better for you!

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