Yesterday on a whim I listened to a webinar by Michael Hyatt about the mistakes one does in setting goals (and new year resolutions) and then enrolled in his program Best Year Ever. For now, the best quality of it is that it is short. Shouldn’t take much time to start with, but I figure it takes commitment thoroughout the whole year. Which makes sense. I have some amazing resolutions this year and I want to make them work…

On to today!

  • draft project for BU application
  • print out, assemble application material and turn it in
  • student’s exam at 10 am
  • discuss grant draft with colleague
  • prep lecture (+ printouts?)
  • lecture 2:30-4 pm
  • HPaper: edit par. about rationale
  • HPaper: draft 3 paragraphs in the detail section
  • prep to leave for hometown
  • start making a list of the things I need to do in worktown next week (see doctor, go to pick vouchers up, etc.)

PS: always forget to write that I love the new banner!


Comments on: "T’s 8th January Friday FTF" (2)

  1. Best of luck with your resolutions! I’ll be interested in hearing how the program goes for you.

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