SL’s FTF, Tues 5th Jan

Being back at work yesterday was good, I was happy to see everyone and had a number of phone calls from people I like which was pleasing!

This week is fairly slow for me and then after that things kick off a bit more. I want to enjoy it while it lasts and take the opportunity to get some of those long-term things off the back burner.

Self-improvement hour went well last night although am wondering if I need to rename it something like “reflection hour” as the combo of mindfulness, gratitude etc. is more along those lines. I’ll continue to do it on evenings when I’m by myself, and see how it goes.

On to today:

  • prep delicious packed lunch
  • breakfast
  • STLs, emails, list
  • give K1 electricity overdue notice – not sure wtf is going on here
  • Go through PRO accounts with C (need to praise as well as pick up on the issues)
  • take office Xmas decorations down
  • let K2 know there are a few things she needs to do e.g. unpack the stationery that arrived about 3 weeks ago and is still sitting in boxes!
  • prep for meeting tomorrow
  • write document for next week explaining why we need a part-time comms/social media person
  • polish income and expenditure guidelines
  • food shopping
  • take down Xmas star which has cheered my flat up so much!
  • self-improvement hour (Headspace, gratitudes, French, read an improving book)
  • one more ep of Mad Men? have gone back to the beginning now
  • continue reading “Unwanted” by Kristina Ohlsson 

Comments on: "SL’s FTF, Tues 5th Jan" (2)

  1. I really like the idea of self improvement hour, whatever you end up calling it. 🙂

  2. The snowy village sounds lovely, as does the idea of lights to decorate a meditation area. You’re full of good ideas! 🙂

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