1/4/16 ftf, wren

Good morning and best wishes to everyone for a happy 2016.  Our very unholiday-ish holidays are now over, and I continue recovering from surgery.  Just a little over a week ago, we traded in my car for a new one with automatic transmission, since it’s likely I won’t be able to use a manual transmission for a few months.  One week ago, J had knee replacement surgery.  He came home two days later, and since then we’ve both been ill with some winter virus. 

In between all of that, I’ve been strategizing for the new year, have decided on this as my motto for 2016:  “Make your state of mind more important than what you are doing,” or, to put it another way, anything worth doing is worth doing peacefully.

All of the work stuff that I’d hoped to catch up on during the quiet holiday time still awaits my attention, and things aren’t going to be done as quickly as usual.  My goal for today is to accept that and to keep moving forward and also to complete the top three most important tasks.

It’s been bitterly cold here, with high temps in the teens only (-12C).  The lowest low was -18F (-28C), and there’s tons of snow, too.  Happily, my new car has heated seats!




happy dog time!


work day


Jan calendar

am meeting

thank you note

call about carpet payment problem

forgiveness of reimbursement letters

research misconduct report

donation letter for TD

check on new job applicants

schedule interviews

parking passes

reallocation p cards

invoice ICH

check UMB epay

go to bank

mail important paper to insurance co.

faculty meeting agenda

renew SPSS x 2

2015 annual state withholding report

quarterly state withholding report

state unemployment tax return

order FM for faculty & staff

biogen forgiveness of reimbursement letter

p card documentation

need more POs!

Oct./Nov. EOR

Nov. earnings to income report

invoice clinical trials

begin FY17 budget:  personnel page

update GC distributions

drivers training

close out 09857



Clinical Correlates uTRAC exemption

after work

gas in new car


take care of J




Comments on: "1/4/16 ftf, wren" (7)

  1. Hi Wren, so great to see that you are unstoppable and I can’t believe how long your to-do list is even with everything else going on! I love your motto for 2016!

  2. Wow that is cold! Hope the healing continues to go well – and such typical wren, with ‘take care of someone else’ on the list while you’re poorly!

  3. Sounds like some tough times you and J are going through. Hope you can take it easy, things will get better, and I very much like your motto for 2016.

    • Thanks, SL. The motto comes from a book by one of my favorite inspirational writers, The Little Book of Letting Go, by Hugh Prather.

  4. Thanks, Dahlia! Virtual tea and hugs are great stuff. 🙂

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