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calypte 31st January

Good weekend, fellow FTF’ers. Gosh, it’s been quiet around here of late – hope everyone is well!

Been a quiet week for me – first time in a long time I’ve been home every single night. Felt odd that it felt odd! But feeling mostly over the snuffles now, so it must have worked ūüôā¬†Anything between 2-4 events next week, so we’ll see how that goes.

I had a reasonably productive day yesterday, amid sheer laziness, which is a lovely mix! Best bit was finding myself scribbling fiction ideas, for the first time since NaNo Рphew! I also finally posted the review-for-publisher (sort of; Occupy Me book arc from NetGalley) which had been hanging over me, and finished the monster of a book I started reading a year (exactly 50 weeks!) ago!

Today has already involved reflecting on the month gone¬†by (already!) and how I might build on that in February. I’m liking this month at a time feel! I’m going to put¬†my list¬†over on Diary of a Scanner rather than cluttering here. I’ve¬†just posted the ‘Redesigning January’ thoughts I had after reading an inspiring little article – definitely want to do more posts based on little snippets I read that make me think!

Will leave you with the photo that sums it all up: my wallplanner tracker for January. Pleased as I am by the¬†unbroken blue (meditation), looking forward to adding more streaks of colour and¬†social stickers in Feb! ūüôā


2/1/16 ftf, wren

This is an early post of my Monday FTF list, as I expect that it will be hard enough to get back on my work schedule tomorrow.

It was really just being warm and dry for two weeks.¬† Temps at my moms topped out at 60F/15C-70F/21C every day, and there was lots of sunshine.¬† The warm, dry weather was good for J’s rehab, and he was able to get several sessions with a really excellent physical therapsist.¬† Things with my mom could be trying at times, but I expect that this is fairly normal.¬† On our last evening, we enjoyed a very pleasant evening at this event:¬† Sonoran Light.

We drove back home through a snowstorm yesterday.¬† This morning, the snow was so deep that I couldn’t open the back gate to let the dogs out, and it was 1F/-17C outside.¬† My hand and wrist are really aching, no doubt because of the cold.¬† The transition back to winter may be a bit difficult!¬† Work will be very busy next week, too, but here’s my list to keep me on track.¬† My goal is to complete five things from the work list.




Freezing Dog Time!


work day


check for new applicants

revise PAMS budget

mail mail


check on PARS (due 2/11)

look into prof ed courses for fund raising

order refreshments for Open House

begin FY17 budget


biogen forgiveness of reimbursement letter

need more POs!

invoice clinical trials

LMS training

p card documentation

close out 09857



Clinical Correlates uTRAC exemption

after work


SL’s FTF, Fri 29th Jan

Neighbours chopping things at 6.15 again, grrr.

At least it’s Friday, and we have our inaugural “sociable lunch” today – we thought it would be nice to have lunch as a group once a month, to start with at least. We’ll see how it goes!

This evening I’m off to my mother’s¬†for the weekend. Looking forward to seeing the cats, and don’t think my IT helpdesk duties are going to be too onerous on this occasion. Bon weekend, tout le monde!

  • clear up carnage
  • breakfast
  • packing
  • STLs
  • finish draft commentary
  • deal with annoying company
  • draft budget
  • if time, accruals
  • train home


SL’s FTF, Thurs 28th Jan

Haven’t had too much to say the last couple of days but all is well here. Up early today for 8.30 committee meeting (argh!) and then need to get my head down to get the accounts more-or-less finalised.

  • breakfast
  • committee
  • STLs
  • cheery retired nurses
  • deal with annoying company
  • put through some more journals, update accounts
  • first draft of commentary
  • quick dash to Waitrose
  • ironing
  • self-improvement half hour
  • dinner with G

T’s 25th Jan Monday

Yesterday on a whim I decided to come back to hometown and to husband. I hadn’t been seeing him in 2 weeks because of work. Such a good choice, albeit that tad irrational to commute in the wrong direction on a sunday, of all things.

So today I’m in hometown, where I usually get derailled. And the morning started rather on the derailled side of the hill.

Basic FTF plan for today:

write 2 h: revise pp. 1-6

redraft pp. 7-10

prep. a nice lunch (without getting engulfed in the happy housewife cliché)

redraft pp. 11-15

check work emails and answer

revise pp. 16-20

keep darkly plotting on his back with his friends for the surprise party for his birthday

talk about the spa retreat for the 5-8 Febr weekend



SL’s FTF, Mon 25th Jan

Had a nice weekend – quiet on Sat then round to a friend’s for lunch yesterday. I met a little cat on the way there! Managed to read the book group book over the weekend too. I wasn’t looking forward to it, it’s the Sunrise by Victoria Hislop, about the war in Cyprus, but it turned out to be better than I expected.

Chief should be back today so am hoping that will give me a motivational kick up the backside ūüôā Plus, Mondays are usually busy…

  • breakfast
  • STLs¬†
  • review club accounts and go through them with C
  • review pension thing
  • talk to chief
  • talk to N&G
  • make a start on commentary
  • make a start on budget?
  • arrange to pay A
  • email ACC and G
  • clear up carnage from last night
  • self-improvement half hour
  • continue read next Fred Vargas book

calypte 23rd january

Good morning (ish!) and welcome to my weekly weekend waffle ūüėČ

Been a really tough week in that I’ve been feeling like I’m coming down with something and having absolute zero energy – this morning it’s definitely a little more obviously snuffles/slightly tickly throat, but still hopeful that it doesn’t develop too far. I’ve been cancelling social engagements all over the place, putting me in danger (I fear) of somewhat upsetting¬†a couple of friends. I keep seeing these patterns repeating, over months/years/since childhood – which in itself is more upsetting (can’t break out of patterns?) than I think having a cold really merits! Meh.

Anyway.¬†Getting to sit in bed with several huge mugs of tea this morning super-helped my mood. I get really antsy and frustrated at these periods of not really ill but zero energy to do anything – despite all those good intentions. But I got to reflect a little on what is going okay, which helped. For a start, I’ve been playing with Code Wars, and it actually feels like it’s helping my coding (a little) and confidence (rather more) – all for a few minutes a day. Going super-slow with it, but that’s a good thing!

Talking of, having a whole thinky-ness about setting up a weekly schedule for myself. I’ve bought into the whole ‘what you do every day’ thing, and can agree, but I have rather too many things to do that I can’t fit into that – and so don’t get touched. So what if, instead of struggling to do 8×2 minutes every night, I¬†pick just one thing per evening? Either a set eg. Monday is calligraphy practice, or ‘must pick one thing off list’ each evening, before TV/pooter. Keeps everything going; I get to see what ‘sticks’ – think I’ll try this!

Also picked up with my Duolingo French again today, for the first time since pre-NaNoWriMo. I wasn’t convinced it was the best habit to get my daily attention, but hey: it’s fun, easy, and gives me a mini sense of accomplishment – and it’s a vaguely useful skill to work at. So, why not?

Overall, trying to cultivate a sort of sense of being more relaxed about all this stuff. That isn’t a contradiction with the schedule idea above: that’s about not feeling I have to be super-committed to every little thing, but can still give everything a go, at least for a month or so, see how it works and what I want to do more of now.

And finally for this mammoth waffle, I’ve been reading the Marie Kondo book, and enjoying it. Not going full-KonMari any time soon, but I’m going to ‘file’ my t-shirt drawer and tackle the socks soon. I’m also going¬†against the ‘all or nothing’ kind of thing, but have started discarding more in general – including (gasp!) books o_O. I figure if I can do the obvious decluttering a little at a time, the whole thing wouldn’t feel so daunting, should I choose to go there. And while I still think she sounds a little nutty with the ‘thank your clothes’ etc, I must confess the mindset is seeping in a little e.g. things having served their purpose, or not ‘sparking joy’. All good, and rather more entertaining than you would expect.

Right, finish with the immediate to-do list:

  • make soup (new recipe trial: spiced carrot and potato)
  • prep stir fry
  • relax about the Burns Supper – unless I feel super-awful as the day progresses, it’s just dinner and I’m sure it’ll be fun, etc etc – nope. Was too ‘wet pasta’-y¬†to face it.
  • review something – catching up with ‘missed’ reviews, got a thoroughly cathartic rip-to-shreds of one of the worst books I read last year ūüôā
  • finish gathering¬†the ‘donated’ books that I’m not keeping
  • maybe do the t-shirt drawer this weekend?
  • keep recovering, so lots of laziness reading/viewing (or ‘decluttering the viewing pile’ ;))