T’s 18th Dec Fri FTF

Dinner with colleagues yesterday was lovely. So nice to be reminded that there are some nice and non-boring or dangerous colleagues, after all.

Contrary to the general feeling of fridays, today I feel this friday arrived too soon. I am not ready yet to face Christmas! I am way behind. Would wish to push Christmas further back/away/offff. Christmas always gives me anxiety issues. Ah!


Busy day,I do not pretend to be efficient, but just not to forget anythign really really important, such as:

lecture at 2:30 pm,

student meeting at 12:30 pm,

shopping for last Chr. presents (argh!)

posting parcels (double argh!)

collect books I’ll need for the chr. holidays at the lirbary

return books to libraries

pick up GF food from special shop


plans for leaving

visit Bru

uhm, what else? nasty feeling of having forgotten something of the utmost importance


Comments on: "T’s 18th Dec Fri FTF" (1)

  1. Lol! Not sure her maj would really want the US back, tbh 😉

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