calypte 16th December

Random day off whooot! I’ve gotten so far behind on my ‘stuff to do’ that I decided a mid-week holiday would help, not to mention recovery from the weekend’s xmas party. Not that kind of recovery, three days on, just a general lack of sleep. Been sleeping really poorly of late, including last night, and am surrounded by people with colds, so need to improve the former before I catch the latter!!

Party was a lot of fun. It’s the same every year: we get put up for the night in a posh hotel at Loch Lomond (only slightly flooded! o_O ) with dinner and music for the night. Lots of dancing, even by me! And the amazing breakfast buffet kept me full most of Sunday 🙂

Yesterday was the secret screening at Cineworld – turned out to be ‘In The Heart of the Sea’, disappointingly, but the movie wasn’t as awful as I’d feared. The 3D was appalling, though! I have a ticket for (shh!) SW but not planning on going – friends booked for 22:40 on Friday, which is just way too late for sleepy old me!

So, very very glad to be having a ‘quiet’ day – although tons to be getting on with!

  • CARDS!! Argh! Try for at least one simpler design, and search pinterest for inspiration for the two more complex ones I want – need those at a very minimum planned today!
  • make soup
  • portion/freeze haggis
  • stretches – esp neck as per physio
  • few shopping chores on way to/from:
  • free JL coffee/cake in town this evening
  • review something! Dresden/HotS (here)
  • catch up with some of the TV (Arrow?)

That’s barely scratching the surface BUT today is a head start on the weekend, so can set things up for then. Actually, that kind of feels like my plan for the rest of the year (hah, all 16 days of it!): to try and set things up for a fab 2016!


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