T’s 11th Dec. Fri FTF

Made a good start yesterday with trying to shove off all the last minute  urgenttask that suddenly cluttered the view of what really matters. The only list that seems to motivate me is the Done list, at this point. So I am keeping that in place too, together with this skinny bit of to-do-list. It’s impossible not to notice that I’ve been missing gym session for a month now. There’s always some kind of interference, it doesn’t help that class starts at a time when I am usually still at work and I sometimes get stopped by colelagues who need to talk to me right while on my way out. And yes, I do suggest we discuss things first thing the next morning, but then it never happens.

Done: lesson 8.30-10.30; Office hours & tutoring


  • lessons (2.30-4.30pm)
  • Halle paper: move blocks as I sketched
  • proofs for paper in French: highlight the point raised by the editor
  • emails
  • proceedings (draft communication)

I am planning to stay in worktown for the weekend and just focus on advancing one or more of the projects that start to feel overwhelming otherwise. I hope I won’t resent the decision. planning to go to the gym as a stress reliever.





Comments on: "T’s 11th Dec. Fri FTF" (3)

  1. Oh, those people who grab you as you’re out the door! My boss likes to do this…

    • I have a sort of colleague-boss who does that, and yesterday while I suggested to him that we move every point worth discussing to first thing in the morning, I suddenly thought of you and your boss! I thought I have to start figuring out ways to sneak away or not to be around or to be already gone etc. An invisibility cloak would be handy. While it gets vowen, I’ll adopt the strategy of “leaving early”. Going to make bets with myself as to how early I’ll manage to leave. Of course these oh-so-urgent things are never of any importance. We just discuss all of them again the day after anyway.

      • Oh, what I would not give for an invisibility cloak! You’re right, those super-urgent end of the day things are almost never urgent. One strategy that I use on occasion is to say, “Before we start, I have to tell you that I’m on my way to an appointment and must leave in five minutes.” I try not to overuse this, but it usually does work.

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