12/11/15 ftf, wren

I’m also very glad that it’s Friday!  There was a snow storm overnight, so I’m keeping an eye on the roads, but it looks as if everything will be clear by the time that I need to head out.

I ended work yesterday with a meeting at one of our satellite offices.  What a grim situation there!  It’s small, three-person office, and two of the women could not have been more bristly and hostile.  They treated my request to send me an e-mail when they are going to be absent so that I’ll have a paper trail in case of audits as if I was asking them to work twice as hard for half as much money!  I’m concerned that they are bullying the third and newest worker and am thinking of diplomatic ways of intervening.

Today’s tea is called Hot Chocolate,  which is “a rich and fudgy blend of pu’erh, black tea, cocoa nibs and chocolate.”  I’ve been wanting to try this one and was hoping it would be a calendar tea.  It will be interesting to see if it live up to my expectations.   ***IT DOES!  IT’S VERY YUMMY AND CHOCOLATE-Y BUT NOT SWEET.***




happy dog time!

strength training

work day


check on new job posting

a.m. meeting

p.m. meeting

fte estimate for new clinical trialist

order FM for faculty & staff

return of the heinous and never-ending busy work

biogen forgiveness of reimbursement letter

p card documentation

need more POs!

Oct./Nov. EOR

Nov. earnings to income report

invoice clinical trials

begin FY17 budget:  personnel page

update SBIR budget justification

update GC distributions

SOP for unrelenting sponsor

drivers training

close out 09857



Clinical Correlates uTRAC exemption

after work

snow dog hike

phone mom



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  1. ouch, sounds a pretty nasty situation really. Are you an expert in dealing with conflicts? the language re-framing and all that? Diplomacy is not my forte, admittedly, so I have nothing to offer about this, but am following your strategy and diplomatic efforts with great interest and supportive empathy!

    • It really is an explosion waiting to happen. I can mediate conflicts, but when it gets this bad, I get help from the experts at our Human Resources Dept. This is a very unusual situation, because the group is set up to administrate a completely separate professional society. The leader of the group is one of our faculty members, and the society wants its employees to be employees of our university, although they do nothing to support the university’s missions, so they are set up as a spin-off group of our center. This means that I officially have oversight responsibility for them, although in fact, they want me to be hands off. I’m going to have a heart-to-heart with the head of the group and offer some suggestions. One of those suggestions is going to be that his group completely separate from mine. I think its only a matter of time until there is a serious blow up with the other group, and I don’t want my center (or me) to get caught in the crossfire. A more ethical issue is that I suspect one of the employees, the newest one, is being emotionally bullied by the other two. I personally feel a responsibility to take some action, although I haven’t decided exactly what that will be.

      • Perhaps the Human resources dept can devise a solution, especially if you hint that one of the employees there might be bullied. Wouldn’t they be qualified to act in that case? You seem to have a strategy, and a clear aim in mind, which is great!

      • Thank you! I spoke with the faculty today and told him I was prepared to take action. We talked quite a bit, and I agreed that I’d wait for a while but made it clear that I won’t wait forever.

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