T’s 10th Dec. Thurs FTF

Things are crowding up incredibly at work and will get overwhelming if I don’t manage to shove them off super quick. Will have to keep a “done list” for the day, not to lose sight of what needs done next.


  • lessons (8.30-10.30; 2.30-4.30pm)
  • body balance
  • Halle paper: move blocks as I sketched
  • prep. lesson for tomorrow
  • print out proofs for paper in French and put all the 3 versions in a folder, print out the editor’s email, highlight the points she raised)
  • grant proposal: make call, email FB,
  • emails
  • proceedings (draft communication)


it’s mum’s birthday, I am so proud of her, she has such great courage to be her usual happy self, but I won’t tell her this, just an ordinary chat in the evening

Bedstand reading: Geraline Coopersmith, Fit and female etc. http://www.amazon.com/Fit-Female-Perfect-Fitness-Nutrition/dp/0471739030

[Wren, I wonder what is it you found most useful in the taming the Gremlin? for me I think it was the breathing technique and the notion of having fun of our deepest fears]



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  1. The same thing is happening with my work. Don’t these big tasks know that it’s supposed to be a quiet time of year? I listened to the Gremlin book, and just hearing it was calming. The author’s approach of just noticing and trying things out, rather than struggling, really helps me.

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