Moosie Thursday, 10 December

Hi! I had a little check and found I had yet to post for December… oops! To say things have been busy doesn’t really cover it (but then things always are, right?) I had a pretty great November and played ten gigs, almost every weekend I had something fairly big on and I did get some traction on the music front, so that was cool – got one (amazing) gig coming up next week and then I will look to getting back into it with a vengeance in January.

Yesterday I had (hopefully) my last EVER professional accountancy exam! That’s definitely been taking up a lot of my focus, partly with studying and partly with getting used to the idea of not having this hanging over me after nine years of being a student, off and on. Guess it’s time to be a grown-up now?! I’m pleased with myself for completing the five final exams this year, when I was cooking this little plan up last year it seemed like a bit of a long-shot but I’ve done it. Not quite sure what I’ll do once I eventually qualify but  I’m brewing a couple of ideas. It’s part-scary and part-awesome that I can choose a path of my own, I always thought I would just work full-time until I died (lol) but it’s looking increasingly like what I really want to do is a mixture of different things, and working one job full-time just doesn’t fit with that (it’s taken me how many years to figure that out?!)

Anyway, the focus for today is to embrace the new lease of life that’ll come with not studying! and just get into clearing some of the mountain of work that’s amassed while my focus has been elsewhere. Tomorrow is our work Christmas do which is usually a big grim to be honest, I’m glad my work buddies are going but there’s a lot of fractiousness and idiocy at our work and I always feel that come this time of year we’ve all kind of had enough of each other?!! 

The focus for the next few days is to get a couple more songs recorded and edited, get my taxes done, and get Christmas sorted, as well as rehearse for Tuesday’s gig. Wish there was more time! Must get organised!

* miracle morning stuff
* swim
* coffee
* skip into work all lighthearted and jovial!

* clear off desk!
* triage email and payments
* monthly budget data
* budget commentary
* payments if time
* more master budget – there should be time for this
* possibly a development half-hour?
* make final final Christmas list and plan for the weekend
* flash drive at lunch?

* editing
* cleaning
* laundry
* tax summary
* if time, bit if scrapbook/Christmas cards or just wrap something?!


Comments on: "Moosie Thursday, 10 December" (3)

  1. Yay for the last EVER exam!!!

  2. Huge congrats on the exam! šŸ™‚

  3. Seeing a new Moosie post put a bit smile in my heart. Congratulations on all of your amazing successes!

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