SL’s FTF, Wed 9th Dec

Tonight it’s our party for various stakeholders which is usually fun but stressful. This year it’s particularly stressful since two experienced members of the office are absent, which leaves just five of us to help, two of whom are new and one of whom is not very helpful, in addition to two important people who don’t help. So it’s basically me and Z operating as party-planners. I certainly can’t complain that my job is boring.

Today we have to set up the room, move the tables, sort out the glasses, sort out the food, and my particular headache, sort out the drinks. It’s impossible to keep wine cold for three hours so my priority tonight is keeping an eye on the white and getting it out of the fridge at the right time, but the problem is there’s always a massive crush of people by the drinks table – argh! Then. when it’s all over, we have to clear up.

Am sure it will all be fine…

  • clear up carnage
  • breakfast
  • STLs
  • wine in fridge
  • formulate plan of attack
  • check glasses
  • prep room
  • get on with LRT accounts
  • send K out for ice
  • set out food etc.
  • partay!
  • clear up, reassemble room
  • come home and collapse

Comments on: "SL’s FTF, Wed 9th Dec" (3)

  1. I am certain that with you taking care of the wine and of its temperature, the party will turn out excellent!

  2. I agree that it will be more than fine! If everyone drinks enough wine, they won’t even notice if the temps a little bit off!

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