SL’s FTF, Mon 7th Dec

Just logged on to find that Chrome wasn’t working – quickly figured out it was last night’s Windows Update that did the damage. Grrr!

Had a nice, fairly peaceful weekend – cleaning, online Xmas shopping, a lot of TV/Netflix (really enjoying the Bridge at the moment and made a start on Jessica Jones which I’m enjoying too), and went to see Andrew on Saturday night which was just the two of us. My idle thoughts of moving to that part of the world were scuppered by having to wait about 20 minutes for a bus both ways.

On to this week, which is going to be a busy one for the first few days at least.

  • fix bloody Windows
  • breakfast
  • season ticket loans – today is the deadline for people ordering in time for Christmas, which is about a week earlier than the old deadline. I hope we don’t have too many abusive phone calls as a result (oh yes I forgot, NHS staff are all angels ha ha)
  • prep for meeting tomorrow
  • crack on with LRT Sept accounts
  • wine tasting this evening

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