calypte 6th December

Post-NaNo ‘blues’! o_O Not really, but I’ve gone from not quite knowing what to do with myself, to feeling pretty overwhelmed by all the stuff I remembered I need to be doing – so of course the past two evenings have descended into binges of stoopid ‘pooter games. Le sigh. Still – one tired weekend of vegetating – time to move on!!

Top of the list at the moment is xmas cards – STILL haven’t started, argh!!! That was meant to be yesterday’s task, but I couldn’t be bothered moving and went for a bath instead.

And of course, before the cards, I really have to clear some space – everything’s just been dumped in the spare room (every surface!) over the past month. Argh!

Actually, I’d love to do a HUGE declutter – I just have too much STUFF. Not quite willing to go the ‘full Kondo’, but certainly a bit of a purge and a lot of rearranging.

All of which will have to wait, alas – I’ve got the NaNo ‘TGIO’ party to attend this afternoon. Was looking forward to trying a new restaurant, now I just want to crack on with all the things. And that probably nixes my vague idea of making first use of new gym subscription this afternoon – oy, my head hurts! 😉

In order, for a change:

  • TGIO party
  • M&S for tights?
  • Sainsburys? – nope
  • tidy spare room!!
  • cards
  • early night, no sitting up playing games!

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