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Happy Christmas!

(or festivities of your choice!)

Hope you’re all having a fabby time 🙂

12/24/15 ftf, wren

It seems improbable that anyone will be checking in today, but i wanted to send holiday greetings  just in case.  Friday’s surgery went well.  No tendon damage was found & the repair was accomplished with one plate & 6 screws.  Recovery is much more painful than expected, and I’ve been in a narcotic haze.  J has today off, so perhaps we can get our tree trimmed.  Tons of snow and cold here.

SL’s FTF, Wed 23rd Dec

It’s my last day at work today and I’m ready for a break! Getting the train home this evening and will be spending Xmas with my mother, Tig, Smokey and probably Tilly (the neighbours’ cat) too. My brother is coming up for lunch tomorrow so that will be nice.

I’m coming back to London on Monday for a slightly weird week – am going into the office on Tuesday for a while at least, and maybe Thursday too – have lots of decluttering plans and friends coming round for NYE so looking forward to that.

Happy Xmas everyone!

  • clear up carnage from last night
  • breakfast
  • packing
  • STLs
  • more checking
  • talk to Z about list of stuff
  • no doubt authorise more payments – K is cracking on which is excellent
  • whatever else crops up on the list
  • catch train
  • let the festive season commence! 

T’s 22nd Dec tuesday FTF

Great news! I just received the email confirming that my abstract submission was accepted for a conference in Oxford in July, I’m so  so so happy! It all came about in such a casual way, that I almost still can’t believe it.


library: Halle paper: check Bel. reference, check early modern editions for n. 53, borrow VIS book, check TPM for the original latin quotation,

office: check the 4 volumes of bibliography +  insert references; print out art. Lyon in the Italian version

bring back books to the other library

presents: M, mum

emails: Lilli, David, Maria Grazia, Dolores 

proceedings: send out emails

meeting/lunch with colleague for grant proposal

GF food shopping

I had planned to go back to hometown today but it doesn’t look like it is going to happen. I feel so behind, and I wanted so much to finish the paper and send it out, and tie up all loose ends before leaving. I have been feeling so scattered in the last days. The email of acceptance suddenly infused lots of energy and focus in me. Sometimes I think that I don’t manage to go far, without positive feedback and testimonials of approval. Ok, I’ll try not to spoil this beautiful moment with these thoughts.

SL’s FTF, Mon 21st Dec

Thinking about Moose flying to Africa! 🙂

It was a good weekend, and I even managed to go for a walk on Saturday to take advantage of the brief sunshine. I listened to the second ep of Serial but this series doesn’t seem quite as exciting as the first. A hard act to follow, I suppose.

Also, I got an email from Headspace offering me 3 months free so that did the trick and I signed up for a year. It definitely brings benefits in terms of mood etc when I do it, so to have a year’s worth of stuff for £45 seems reasonable. They have to make a living somehow. I was thinking about how that is probably where The Other Place went wrong… If anyone wants the code, give me a shout.

Three more days of work to go!

  • breakfast
  • boil eggs, prep lunch
  • go to Waterstones
  • go to Boots – have big lump in throat which am sure the annoying fundraiser at work has given me 😦
  • STLs
  • continue debtor stuff
  • talk to Z about her list
  • whatever else, am sure there is loads but I can’t remember it right now
  • meet my brother for present handover
  • clear up carnage from last night
  • Headspace
  • catch up on Homeland

calypte 19th December

Loving the holiday baubles banner! In fact, one of my goals today is to get more into the festive spirit – less than a week to go, c’mon self! 🙂 So, mini tree needs to go up, some lights (yay!), and hopefully this’ll all inspire me with making the xmas cards. Remembering: they don’t have to be super-amazing-fancy; it’s about the love and care that goes into them/with them. Right!? 🙂

Hoping the above will help with the feeling of frazzlement I’ve had this past week or two. Haven’t been doing huge amounts, but running on a semi-permanent sleep deficit is dragging me way down, to the point that even fun stuff isn’t all that fun. Ended up refusing to use my Star Wars ticket last night, as it was at 22:40 – got myself to bed by that time, and slept almost 10 hours, so right choice!!

Today, then, is about pottering and relaxing, and enjoying picking away at lots of *fun* tasks!

  • xmas decorations
  • cards! 3/4
  • make risotto
  • scanning
  • meditation
  • watch Elementary

not necessarily today, but soon:

  • make acapulco chicken
  • wrapping
  • boozy fruits and marzipan
  • bath
  • post cards on Monday!!
  • pay car tax
  • laundry
  • moan at Virgin Media re my price hike – more than the quoted rate? I think not!!!
  • go see SW 🙂
  • first PG visit (!!!)
  • catch up with TV

And then over the festive period, when everything is quiet, the plan is to pick back up with:

  • zentangle
  • more coding/learning – think I might restart with FreeCodeCamp
  • writing
  • reviews blog
  • recipes blog
  • possibly… habits blog?
  • possibly… start using LittleFrogCards blog, along with new intention of card/month
  • guitar – my plan for 2016 is to finally learn how to play a couple of songs (c’mon – it’s been almost 30 years now – eeeeek!), so thinking of this as a pre-habit period
  • ‘secret goal’ (always songs more motivational that way than the mundane reality!)
  • general organisation and setting up e.g. tracking calendar, etc

Looking forward to it! 🙂

T’s 18th Dec Fri FTF

Dinner with colleagues yesterday was lovely. So nice to be reminded that there are some nice and non-boring or dangerous colleagues, after all.

Contrary to the general feeling of fridays, today I feel this friday arrived too soon. I am not ready yet to face Christmas! I am way behind. Would wish to push Christmas further back/away/offff. Christmas always gives me anxiety issues. Ah!


Busy day,I do not pretend to be efficient, but just not to forget anythign really really important, such as:

lecture at 2:30 pm,

student meeting at 12:30 pm,

shopping for last Chr. presents (argh!)

posting parcels (double argh!)

collect books I’ll need for the chr. holidays at the lirbary

return books to libraries

pick up GF food from special shop


plans for leaving

visit Bru

uhm, what else? nasty feeling of having forgotten something of the utmost importance