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calypte 30th September

End of September already?! o_O

This week has already been a bit of a blur. Slept horribly on Sunday night – so much for my “I’m so chilled”! – and still catching up on sleep – bit of a debate about watching GBBO or just going to bed uber-sharp with my book (Life After Life by Kate Atkinson, so far very intriguing).

Either way, I’m looking forward to working from home tomorrow! My plan is to do a chunk of ‘revision’ in between work tasks, take advantage of the quiet. I love coding, but have to admit that my C# has never been strong – and it’s for me to work on it, just the bits at work aren’t getting me anywhere fast.

Occasion for the change is the new office not quite being ready for us – although it looks lovely already! – so will find out if we’re in on Friday to unpack, or if it’ll be Monday. I ache like mad right now after spending today packing and then walking the last mile home laden down with the contents of my desk, so I do kind of hope it’ll be an extra day to code in my pyjamas! 🙂

SL’s FTF, Wed 30th Sept

Had a successful day at work yesterday and got interim pay rises for two of my team approved by chief which was nice – in one case more than the person was expecting, in the other case she wasn’t expecting anything!

Still so much to do and the pile of checking isn’t getting any smaller as other things have to be dealt with first. I’m going to be hugely focused today!

Have started using Duolingo, which calypte mentioned, and finding it intriguing. I like the gamification side of it, even if the vocab is bizarre. Maybe I can apply this to my mundane work activities – if I award myself points for every item in the tray which I check, I’ll end up feeling like a superhero by the end of the day 🙂

  • breakfast
  • French
  • STLs
  • payments for sub co
  • prep for property meeting
  • property meeting
  • attack the pile of checking! Nothing is going to stop me today!
  • collect parcels
  • Bake Off
  • continue watching Orphan Black 
  • continue reading Girl, probably finish it tonight

SL’s FTF, Tues 29th Sept

Yesterday was what I needed – lots of work to be getting on with, stuff going on, and I ended up having a long conversation with Z at lunchtime about the stuff that’s been bothering me, which was very helpful.

Went for a walk this morning which was the first time for rather a long time. It was nice to see the trees again (my own form of forest therapy) and feels very autumnal now. Did I mention I have started saying hello to one of the dogwalkers? That only took 5 years lol.

  • walk
  • breakfast
  • French
  • STLs
  • deal with bus basses
  • talk to chief
  • talk to C
  • where are we with property accounts???
  • deal with small nuisances on my list
  • crack on with minutes
  • checking hour
  • food shopping
  • collect parcels
  • Orphan Black
  • continue reading Girl 

Moosie Tuesday 29 September

I’m also going back to work today after two weeks off (in honour of Calypte’s birthday, obvs ;)) it was a really lovely time, I played a few gigs, wrote some stuff, spent a lot of time in parks, and had a whirlwind two-day trip taking in some of Denmark and Sweden with B, our first European trip together! B has now started university and has a reasonably packed schedule of work and classes – it feels like every day is different and purposeful for him and I think that’s inspiring me too. We’re both going to be busy with the different plans we’ve chosen and there’s a lot of positive energy at home.

I have 45 working days until Christmas (and some leave still to take, would be good to get it down to a nice round 40!) which doesn’t feel like that much! I’ve got one more exam to study for which thankfully seems much more interesting than the last one! My meta goals for the quarter are something along the lines of gigging at least twice a week and working out six times, with some added stuff about getting up early (I’d like to do one 5am start at the weekend and one 4am during the week, each week), putting all my spare time into music and never turning down gigs! And just see what I can create by the end of the year.

Today will no doubt be hectic with lots of annoying little things to resolve but if I can wrap that up by 4:30 I’ll still have a couple of hours to study before home-time. Will be good to catch up with some people and have a fresh start – hopefully that feeling lasts more than just a day!

* up at 5 with B who’s also working today
* gym
* coffee 🙂

* email
* triage
* pay things
* anything else that’s urgent
* make list of everything  else
* get some thinky-time, update lists etc. Forgot my green pen damnit!

* dinner
* bit of piano time hopefully
* few mins for music related emails etc.

T’s 28/9 mon FTF

Leaving tomorrow very early

catching the first run of the Tube to Heathrow

busy shifting through papers, discarding copies, proofs, revisions (Edit: I guess it was “sifting” really!)

still lots to do

yesterday I run the week 5/3, incredibly proud to have run 20′

after feeling last week that I was so deatached as if I had mentally already left

now I feel a bit scared of going back, all the commitments and people and the already scheduled things and extremely busy 2 weeks waiting for me right after I’m back

what I’m afraid of is of losing focus, of being too affected by the change of rhythm

In the last months I have developed a beautiful focus and writing/running regime

ok, I’ll focus on packing

I’ll wait when I’m back for all the worrying

SL’s FTF, Mon 28th Sept

A quiet weekend thinking about things – there’s a lot to think about at the moment. An interesting conversation last night shed some light on it. We’ll see what happens now.

Quite happy to be going back into work mode.

  • clear up carnage
  • prep delicious lunch 
  • breakfast
  • French
  • so much to do at work, where to start?
  • STLs
  • deal with emails
  • make a list!
  • checking
  • minutes from club committee
  • minutes and actions from other meeting on Thurs
  • contract for new person – forgot to mention last week, the third candidate was the best and we’ve appointed her, not sure yet when she can start
  • continue watching Orphan Black – the whole series 3 is on iplayer!
  • continue reading The Girl in the Spider Web – have almost finished but don’t want to

calypte 27th September

Last day of my holiday, and I’m immensely pleased (and relieved!) that I’m not feeling that ‘oh my gosh why did I waste all that time!?’ feeling and/or general panic about it all being over. It’s been a grand break: lots of chilling out and pottering about the house mixed with a few fun days out: the beach, shopping, Shakespeare, Chilli Cook Off.

The latter was yesterday’s ‘adventure’! A now former colleague told me about it 2 years ago now: a challenge where ten local pubs/eateries compete for the prize of best chilli. You buy a scorecard, and visit each of the sites for a little sample tub of chilli, and score each. That first year I woke up on the morning with the flu! Last year it sold out before I remembered it was happening, so this has been my first attendance! And it was fun 🙂 Very funny seeing random groups of folk wandering around in sombreros or far more complex costumes, much to the bemusement of random passers-by. The chillis ranged from marvellous, to inedible – thankfully only one of the latter – and my top pick won. Fun day! Mind you, I might not be able to face eating chilli again for quite some time…!

Anyway. Today is a stay indoors day, with plenty of chores to leave me feeling like I’ve accomplished something, plus those habits I’ve been cultivating. I think part of the calm about end-of-hols is that I didn’t start out with plans for grand projects, but just these little habits. Life lesson in there?!

And, of course, I don’t really mind the idea of work tomorrow! Helps that it’s not back to ‘the drag’, as our lease runs out this week so we’re moving – exciting! And then I was forewarned that the new office isn’t really, so we’ll all be working from home for the end of this week at least – I know the company is happy for people to do that, but oddly in 2.5 years I’ve yet to try it, so that’ll be a novelty!

Right, list for the day – written and deleted, as I reckon that pre-listing stuff to do is Not Helpful for me! I’d rather come back with an ‘accomplishment list’ when it’s done!

  • wii-in
  • paid 2x cc
  • laundry
  • duolingo / free code camp
  • dishes
  • totally emptied and cleaned out the under-kettle cupboard – okay, largely because the Tassimo practically exploded and omg there is a lot of coffee in one of those wee pods!! o_O
  • handwashed the delicates
  • bath
  • catch up with yesterday’s Strictly 😉