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SL’s FTF, Friday 30th Jan

Also glad it’s Friday. I had a productive day yesterday and am feeling a bit better about things at work. Looking forward to a weekend in London, and have some nice stuff happening on Sunday.

  • ironing
  • breakfast
  • be nice to bunch of lovely ladies who are having their meeting today 🙂
  • send minutes to new chairman? not sure, check with Z
  • finish club minutes
  • review club VAT return
  • make corrections to club VAT return as advised by VAT advice people
  • if I can get that lot done, I’ll be happy
  • quiet night in
  • continue watching the Wire, am hooked now
  • finish reading the Alchemist

Moosie Friday 30 January

Hello Friday! I am done with everything album set-up related! Last night was unexpectedly productive and I got all the rest of the website and testing done, ready to roll out on Sunday. I have one or two more optional things to add but doesn’t look like I’ll need to spend the whole weekend on it which is nice – must use tonight to focus on practice and then have a proper day with B tomorrow. So happy!

* stretches – really painful, I have upped my swims and I’m feeling that plus it was really cold when we woke up.
* writing
* prep
* swim
* quite possibly coffee, I’ve earned a free one!
* breakfast

* stuff on accounts
* bank recs today
* study
* PWF and I may be going to the Wurst place (I was saying we should have gone yesterday for Wurst Thursday ;))
* leave at 4

* get home as quickly as possible
* groceries
* practice at least 2h hopefully 3
* make something good for dinner
* householdy stuff
* final website updates (but honestly you can fiddle with websites forever!)
* get a good night’s sleep at last!

1/29/15 ftf, wren

I’m about to enter radio silence for the next week or so.  J, the dogs and I are going to spend some time with my mom in Arizona.  Today we drive to Las Vegas, which is sort of the half way point.   I just started antibiotics for a sinus and ear infection, so my plan is to sleep in the car all day and wake up magically well tomorrow.  It will be so nice to be in the sunny desert warmth.  I’m also hoping to drag J and my mom to see the Paddington movie.  Hasta la vista and TTYL!

SL’s FTF, Thurs 29th Jan

Well, I don’t think I’ll be following my dreams and going to Burgundy in June after all – it’s slap bang in the middle of the audit so can’t take time off then. Never mind, there will be other opportunities! C’est la vie 🙂

My godson is 5 today. Hope his presents have arrived – as usual I left it a bit late to sort it all out… it seems that Postman Pat and the Gruffalo are still all the rage. Ah, have just had a message from his parents to say they have. Phew!

It should be a quiet day at work since half the office won’t be in. I have a meeting with an IT woman to sort out our virtually non-existent IT support, am not entirely sure why this has fallen to me, but I suppose someone’s got to do it. I just hope we don’t have some kind of server meltdown before we get it sorted out!

  • breakfast
  • finish off VAT return ffs
  • IT meeting
  • minutes from club meeting last week
  • sort out software serialisation for the second time ffs
  • maybe leave a bit early, depends how it goes
  • dinner with G

Moosie Thursday 29 January

Happy birthday Miss E!! Hope you have a great day!

Feeling pretty tired this morning. I always say I’m going to bed early and then I get home and start doing interesting things and think, it’ll be fine, and then 5am comes around and the gym and a long day at work and – it’s just a cycle that repeats itself until the weekend! So I suppose it works. Will shut up and drink some coffee.

* stretches
* gym
* breakfast

* urgent payment due to someone else being a twat and getting us threatened with legal action
* “team” meeting and I have a presentation to do!
* relax after that
* study
* get some writing time at lunch

* groceries
* something useful
* attempt to go to bed early and probably end up staying up!

1/28/15 ftf, wren

Last day of work for a while!  The boss was in full tornado mode yesterday, and, most fortunately, I was not drawn into the storm.  I’m feeling okay about where I am in the never-ending work to-do list and will just try to refine that today.  The boss will be gone for two days during my return week, so I should be in good shape.  No meetings today, unless I decide to wander over to the farewell party for a woman who I’m not sad to see go…

I can report that A Tale of Two Cities has gotten better, although it’s still a bit too wordy for my taste.




happy dog time!

strength training

work day


meeting follow-up

walk over to mail box

figure out car payment

sigs on PARS

budget:  new year forecasts

invoice ICH


op indicators reports

December EOR

Start on PCORI LOI (2/10/15)

HIPAA training

review EDR materials

retention/performance reviews

after work

slushy dog hike

start packing for trip

house tidying



SL’s FTF. Wed 28th Jan

An interesting proposition landed in my inbox last night – a wine festival in Burgundy in June. Need to establish more info, but am tempted, especially since a couple I really like are going. It’s not great timing but it’s at the weekend so I might be able to get away with just one or two days off work.

Back to my mundane life – must get the VAT return finished off today!

  • breakast
  • check work calendar to see if any chance I can go to this thing
  • meeting with R to discuss cancer fund
  • VAT return
  • whatever else
  • leave at 6.00
  • call Mum
  • clear up carnage from last night
  • watch a DVD
  • continue reading the Alchemist – the jury is still out – it’s a bit fairy-tale like and all “Follow your dreams!” at the moment