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SL’s FTF, Friday 28th November

Made it to the gym this morning, yay! Planning to go tomorrow and Sunday too, so that will be 5 times this week, happy with that 🙂

Hoping for a nice quiet day and then seeing G this evening and hoping I can help matters on that front.

  • breakfast
  • get head round rollover issue (some accountancy adjustment which Vampire Man wanted to make a while back, which I never implemented properly at the time and is now causing all sorts of chaos)
  • make sure important chap has necessary catering for his meeting
  • if time, minutes from yesterday’s meeting
  • update blog
  • dinner with G

11/27/14 ftf, wren

We’re off to fabulous Las Vegas for our completely nontraditional Thanksgiving celebration.  My plan is to stay connected and let the weekend unfold as it will.

SL’s FTF, Thurs 27th November

Had a great time last night and learned a lot about waitress-flirting techniques from Moose 🙂

Went to see G when I got back and all is not well in that department (he seems to have gone off the deep end after our argument about the AGM last week) but hopefully we are having dinner together again tomorrow so perhaps some progress will be made. I ended up going to bed quite late so haven’t made it to the gym today but will get back on it tomorrow.

Am blissfully unaware of the new posting experience, whatever that is. I did see that the button to post had moved from left to right which confused me momentarily, but otherwise it looks the same to me. Is this the beep beep boop thing? If so, it made me switch to that months ago, but the beep beep boop message fortunately only lasts a couple of seconds now as opposed to crashing like it did at the start.

We have a meeting for one of the smaller charities today. There’s not much to talk about and no grant applications, so hopefully it will go all right.

  • breakfast
  • prep for meeting
  • meeting
  • write minutes?
  • food shopping
  • update blog
  • catch up on the Apprentice
  • watch the Fall?
  • continue reading book

Moosie Thursday 27 November

Great night last night ladies 😉 Burgers all round and collective crushing on the fit waitress…

One of the (I suppose quite basic) things I’ve been learning in therapy is simply how to let go of thoughts and feelings that are unhelpful. When I get emotional signals I tend to take everything as significant and hold on to it until I can understand it, but I’m learning that I do have a choice – not all feelings are real or helpful and even if I can’t see a way to change them, I can still practice letting them go, and if I release then one by one then eventually something else will come in their place that I will want to hold on to. I don’t always remember to do this but in the mornings it’s a good thing to do with the quiet time and it has the power to move me on quite quickly from whatever mood I woke up in.

Last day at work for this week, thankfully!

* writing
* prep
* swim
* breakfast

* sort pile of shit from yesterday!

* guitar practice
* spend some time with B!

11/26/14 ftf, wren

WP keeps reminding me to use the IMPROVED POSTING EXPERIENCE.  I’m not using it because it seems the opposite of improved to me.  Is that de-improved?  Is everyone else using this IMPROVED POSTING EXPERIENCE?  Just curious…

Yesterday was super hectic and frustrating, but I persevered and figured out how to complete the scarey things.  Thank goodness!  There’s one more complicated new thing that I must complete for work today, and then it is off for the four-day Thanksgiving Day holiday.  This year we are going to fabulous Las Vegas.  A good friend of ours is meeting us there, and we are all going to go to a Stevie Wonder concert.  We’ll also have to figure out someplace to have Thanksgiving dinner, and tomorrow is my 28th AA birthday. 

Before all the fun starts, I need to complete the critical turquoise items on my list.  Next week is bossless, so I’ll be able to catch up with all the rest.





happy dog time!

strength training

work day

quick e-mail


go to bank


prepare new hire docs for 12/1 hire

catch up on snail mail

PAMS end of project report (due 11/28)

stack of small tasks

cost transfer

order holiday party food

reconcile p card

year end report

finish Daniels fund application

Op Indicators Report

CRSP final report

review 019 amendment

revise Roche uTRAC

pass through invoices

call HR

volunteer for review committee

review EDR materials

finish MK 019

uTRAC 019

DSS 019 budget

retention/performance reviews

after work


pack for trip

get house in order

phone mom

SL’s FTF, Wed 26th November

I’m on a roll! Went to the gym again this morning and listened to the first ep of Serial on my ipod – now thoroughly hooked.

Lord EP’s in today and the new chairman (woman) but am not sure if my presence will be required. We have some big things going on at the moment, relative to the size of the charity. Hopefully it will all come together in due course.

Byron this evening yay! Highlight of the week!

  • breakfast
  • make new list and get head round things
  • finish off minutes
  • finish off thing for chief
  • what is happening with credit cards?
  • review pro accounts ffs
  • long term financial forecasts for club
  • leave at 6.00
  • Byron!
  • hopefully see G when I get back as haven’t seen him properly for over a week now

Moosie Tryingtogettherightday 26 November

Managed to get in 3 1/2 hours of practice last night and then had a really good sleep! That’s just as well as things were starting to get a bit manic, but it’s all worked out OK for now. A fun day ahead today and I’m already looking forward to the weekend!

* slept in! So not much besides run around in a flap!
* swim (pool is quieter later yay)
* breakfast, I will be starving but bear in mind it’s only 3 hours to lunch!

* it’s been pretty quiet, I’m bringing more notebooks with me today 😀
* payments + internationals
* month end checks
* lunch with the girls!
* stupid pointless group meeting
* study
* Do some 2015 planning

Tonight: Byron with SL & Cate YAY!