10/31/14 ftf, wren

Happy Halloween!

I’ve been sick in bed for the past two days and would be staying in bed again today if there weren’t meetings that I must attend at work.  My main goal is to take it as easy as possible and get through the day.





happy dog time

work day


check for new job applications

request new account


meeting 1

meeting 2

meeting 3

tcip budget

meeting minutes

TVC rent check

talk to Tandy about web & log0

CRSP update to Brent

update dept faculty support & earnings to income rpt


order food for 11/12 meeting

finish Daniels fund application

PAMS end of project report (due 11/28)

review 019 amendment

revise Roche uTRAC

e-mail to PI re: LZAX changes

pass through invoices

volunteer for review committee

review EDR materials

new OSP budget for WN28745

finish MK 019

uTRAC 019

DSS 019 budget

retention/performance reviews

after work

carve pumpkin

enjoy trick or treaters

phone mom



Comments on: "10/31/14 ftf, wren" (1)

  1. Thank you! Happy Halloween to you, too! How do you celebrate in your neck of the woods?

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