Moosie Tuesday 28 October

What a lovely weekend! Had some time with B, some time outside, a great load of music time (Sunday group was particularly fabulous this week) and yesterday I got the final stages of my name-change done, which involved four minutes with a solicitor! It’s beginning to feel more official, although the change was officially dated in September it won’t feel real until I get the sealed deed back from the court. Kinda cool.

I’m taking tomorrow off as I have some leave to use and I’m playing at a different folk night tomorrow evening, so just today to get through. I have my appraisal which means an hour one to one with my boss, as if that wasn’t bad enough, I am very upset with him about so many things but need to focus on getting through it focusing on performance and without crying!

* foot
* write
* prep
* swim
* breakfast
* got a tonne of music to listen to

* invoices
* appraisal (no crying!)
* A’s stuff
* take docs to post office

* therapy (crying is OK!)
* write-up
* I have tonight to myself and don’t need to be in bed at any particular time so take whatever time I need after therapy, it would be a good chance to get some music done too.


Comments on: "Moosie Tuesday 28 October" (2)

  1. Best of luck to you with the performance review. Those things terrify me! I’ve managed to fly under the radar for over 20 years without a performance review, and just thinking about having one ties my stomach in knots!

    • Thanks! I think it’s good that they have them and our company is in the process of working to make them fairer – I just wish someone would give my boss one! As he is an expat his are run to a different system with no standards as all as far as I can see 😛

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