10/28/14 ftf, wren

I got my wish yesterday and was able to focus and accomplish at work.  I’m hoping for another day like that today.  There’s so much to get done over the next couple of weeks so that I can leave on my vacation feeling like things are in order.  And oh joy, someone scheduled a late-in-the-day meeting for me today.





happy dog time!

strength training

work day

check e-mail

check for new job applicants

f-up with VA

small stack


op indicators report

update dept faculty support & earnings to income rpt


order food for 11/12 meeting

finish Daniels fund application

PAMS end of project report (due 11/28)

review 019 amendment

revise Roche uTRAC

e-mail to PI re: LZAX changes

pass through invoices

volunteer for review committee

review EDR materials

new OSP budget for WN28745

finish MK 019

uTRAC 019

DSS 019 budget

retention/performance reviews

after work


tidy up house




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