10/24/14 ftf, wren

Yesterday was exactly the kind of day I needed to recover from my Wednesday of Discouragement.  The boss was away all day long, and I was able to make good progress on my presentation for the department director.  I also was able to get my hair cut fixed without too much hassle or wait, and then J and I had a very nice anniversary celebration.  Today will likely not be as calm, but at least I’ve made good headway with a few things.





happy dog time!

strength training

work day


look for new job applicants

post job on new website

update bylaws revision

small business meeting

meeting with person we’re not going to hire

pick up check

finish  fiscal year numbers

review AZ counter offer

FFR Report (due 10/31)



order food for 11/12 meeting

finish Daniels fund application

PAMS end of project report (due 11/28)

review 019 amendment

op indicators report

revise Roche uTRAC

e-mail to PI re: LZAX changes

pass through invoices

volunteer for review committee

review EDR materials

new OSP budget for WN28745

finish MK 019

uTRAC 019

DSS 019 budget

retention/performance reviews

after work


phone mom


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  1. Glad you had a good day after your awful Wednesday!

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