10/23/14 ftf, wren

Yesterday I was summoned to the department head’s office to report on our Center’s financial state.  I’ve been avoiding the department head ever since she put the kibosh on my raise with no explanation.  Anyway, the meeting is scheduled for the last day of the month, but now I have another big task, which is to put together all the necessary reports.

I did not leave the retirement seminar feeling any better about our financial situation.  In fact, it raised my anxiety level.  The only hope I have of having enough money to retire is if the property value on my mom’s house remains high and I inherit half of it eventually.  I tried to engage J in a discussion about retirement and learned mainly that he has been anticipating us living on a much lower monthly income in retirement that I had expected and that he anticipates we will both never really stop working.  Talk about mismatched plans.  The thought of having to work until the day I die is indescribably demoralizing to me. 

The whole retirement discussion felt prickly and ended in J saying showing his mean side.  Now I just want to be by myself, and it is our 20th wedding anniversary.  He later apologized, but I’m still feeling upset.  Oh well.  Life goes on.





happy dog time!

strength training

work day


look for new job applicants

reschedule oil change

prepare text for job advertisement

prepare fiscal year numbers

update bylaws revision

finish Daniels fund application

FFR Report (due 10/31)



PAMS end of project report (due 11/28)

review 019 amendment

op indicators report

revise Roche uTRAC

e-mail to PI re: LZAX changes

pass through invoices

volunteer for review committee

review EDR materials

new OSP budget for WN28745

finish MK 019

uTRAC 019

DSS 019 budget

retention/performance reviews

after work

get haircut fixed (it came out shockingly uneven in the back!)

pick up Chinese food

attempt to have anniversary celebration

Project Runway finale


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  1. Aw, sorry to hear this 😦 Maybe the thing with retirement is that you might not stop working altogether, but you can be much freer to find a job that you enjoy, perhaps even part time. It’s probably a good 40 years away for me (more because they keep pushing the age back here than any particular spring chicken-ness on my part! ;)) but I can more easily visualise myself finding a quieter kind of work than having total nothing-doing retirement.

    • You must be younger than I am! 🙂 Yes, I may have to start thinking about some sort of work that would be less stress/less pay. I really want to spend my retirement reading, painting, walking, meditating, hanging out with dogs, doing a little traveling, and waking up when it feels right, rather than when it has to be done…perhaps I could still do those things with part-time work.

      • Yes, we can meet with a financial planner, and I think we will. It’s a nice benefit from my job. I do feel better already thinking in terms of part-time work doing something I like.

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