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SL’s FTF, Friday 31st Jan

Friday and the last day of the month, hurrah! Yesterday was frazzled again with way too much going on and last-minute changes to things and bad communication from on high meaning that someone was expecting to be at next week’s meeting who we didn’t realise was expecting to be at next week’s meeting, people not doing their sums properly etc.etc. but the papers are now sent out and hopefully it will be nice and quiet today and I can get things done!

Looking forward to the weekend – this has been a very tough week and I need more fun things in my life at the moment.

  • ironing
  • coffee
  • talk to P
  • write contract for new B, the temp who’s joining us
  • review club VAT return
  • continue charity VAT return
  • (are there any VAT returns I’ve forgotten? don’t think so)
  • leave at 5.30 probably, if I make it in at 9.30 which I hope to do
  • food shopping
  • clear up carnage from last night
  • dinner with G

Moosie Friday 31 January

Well we’ve made it to Friday!! Whoop! Yesterday was better, our team meeting yielded enough actions to slam my schedule through to Easter so no more dragging my feet at work, plus I had a bunch of conversations with people I don’t normally talk to at work – mostly Japanese but a range including on random person in the lift from another floor!! So that was cheery and it looks like there might be several Japanese-English language exchange opportunities in the offing. Got some nice things on today and then it’s the weekend featuring karaoke on Sunday!!

* payments
* vendor list from yesterday (I don’t have to do this yet but it’s a lovely easy job for a Friday!)
* project x. It’s so annoying when people you are paying to do stuff don’t acknowledge emails you’ve sent them! It’s a week now and nothing! Unacceptable!
* girlie lunch with S & A
* bit more research, print maps etc.

Tonight – hanging out with W, nice chilled way to end the week. I think this is social engagement 26 or 27 for the month!!

SL’s FTF, Thurs 30th Jan

I think yesterday went slightly better, but this week has been miserable. Roll on February is all I can say! At least my boss isn’t in for the rest of the week, so that’s one source of unhappiness removed.

I’m up bright and early today for a committee meeting which is actually being held at the club for a change. As the club is a 10 min walk and the office a 20 min one, I’m all in favour of that! It’s Vampire Man’s penultimate committee meeting as chairman, so hopefully he will be reasonably relaxed and not too difficult. Yesterday’s Super Busy woman, who is a new committee member, turned out to be very nice after all, had some useful things to say and wasn’t at all up her own arse as I had feared, so that was good.

Then I need to dash back to the office and finish off the accounts and budget – feels like I have spent the entire week twiddling with the accounts and budget. Am waiting for (guess who) person X to give me his bits today, or at least confirm that my estimates are reasonable. I really don’t want to get caught out again because he hasn’t done his sums properly. Arse-covering 101.

And this afternoon I have a meeting with the ballsy Aussie and the pro bono lawyer about the fraudulent photocopier people – joy! Although this is about my second least favourite subject, at least the ballsy Aussie is nice to me. I wouldn’t want to be on the other side.

  • coffee
  • committee meeting
  • finalise accounts and budget
  • lunch with Z, hopefully… but she may be too busy
  • just breathe
  • photocopier meeting
  • leave at 4.30
  • walk over to coffee shop, near Bond Street
  • Selfridges
  • clear up carnage from last night
  • I do believe the Good Wife is on TV this evening, yay!
  • continue reading Gone Girl

Moosie Thursday 30 January

Is this week really that much worse than all the others or have I just been focusing on the negatives?! Here’s hoping it picks up today!!

Ftf: usual stuff!!

Work: I was so fed up yesterday I actually took it into my head to get ahead on month end stuff for next week! That passed the afternoon. Project x stuff remains plus more payment prep for tomorrow. Pointless team meeting at 2!

B’s stuff, probably. Music would be good.


SL’s FTF, Wed 29th Jan

My boss is really pissing me off at the moment. He seems determined to blame me for things that have gone wrong, when they are clearly a different person’s fault. After last week’s “you are 25% responsible for the epic fuck-up caused by person X”, yesterday I was apparently responsible “50%” for the fact that last year’s budget was over-optimistic. It was only optimistic in one particular area where I used person X’s figures, as person X is the one who deals with this area, not me, and therefore could reasonably be considered to have a better idea of what the right figures would be. Also, I definitely remember my boss making me massage the budget so that we wouldn’t be budgeting for a loss in a particular thing, which inevitably turned out to be loss-making. Again, person X’s domain. But apparently it’s 50% my fault. Is that supposed to be motivational? Grrrrrrrr.

Onwards, I suppose. It’s my godson’s 4th birthday today. I have failed to send presents in time and need to do it today – they told me he’s actually having the main celebration on Saturday so I suppose there’s a tiny chance they might get there in time for that.

  • coffee
  • go and find a jiffy bag as the ones I bought aren’t big enough
  • send presents to Sweden
  • more adjustments to accounts, I expect
  • meeting with Wonder Woman who may have opinions on club stuff  and is Super Busy and can only fit in a half hour meeting at lunchtime – great 
  • continue VAT return
  • leave at the earliest possible opportunity, especially if I’ve given up my lunch hour
  • a few domestic things
  • dinner with G
  • continue reading Gone Girl. I take back my snarky comments yesterday, it’s actually pretty good so far, and gripping, which is what I need

Moosie Wednesday 29 January

Interesting evening last night. Meeting new people for the first time this year and that whole process of self-comparison and self-presentation and how that links into self-esteem – you never know what’s gonna get to you. Lots to ponder this morning I hope my pondering partners are up to it!!

* routines, writing
* swim
* breakfast

* pay the payments
* project x
* links for next month
* farewell lunch for M

* music as much as possible, editing
* food
* cards etc.

SL’s FTF, Tues 28th Jan

Less grumpy today 🙂

I had a productive day at work yesterday, set up some social things to fill the gaping void, and got the draft accounts finished off as well as the committee papers sent out for this other meeting coming up. Those were my two major deadlines this week so now I feel slightly more relaxed. And thanks for your support on the other thing! I expect as time passes, I will stop letting that get to me quite so much too.

On to today then…

  • ironing
  • coffee
  • deal with feedback from chief and make any amendments necessary
  • circulate draft accounts to Z and P
  • exec team meeting?
  • crack on with other stuff – VAT return?
  • leave at 6.00
  • get card and wrapping paper
  • food shopping
  • wrap presents
  • more ironing (such an interesting list today)
  • DVD? not sure, not feeling very inspired at the moment – may start reading book group book instead, which is Gone Girl – what an original choice, she says snarkily. Has anyone read it?