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10/31/13 ftf

Happy Halloween!  Maybe SL and I should trade places, because I love Halloween and am sorry I won’t be home to see all the kids in their costumes.  We are driving to Las Vegas today, and tomorrow the seminar I’m attending, which is about recruiting subjects to clinical trials, starts at 8:00 a.m. sharp.  I’m wondering what there is to say about this topic that will take 12 hours.

I got quite a bit done at work yesterday.  My boss surprisingly upped my deadline for completing the budget for a new grant submission by a week (he apparently forgot that I’d be at the seminar), so I was worried about getting that done.  Turns out that I’d planned ahead during a slow time and had already created a beautiful Excel spreadsheet for the budget, complete with all of the very specific grant requirements, so all I had to do was plug in a few numbers.  High-five to me!

Today will look something like this:

At the crack of dawn, hike with dogs.  Wear thermal underwear because the temp is just above freezing.

pack for trip

mail letter to mom

drive, drive, drive

settle in to hotel

approve payroll stragglers

check e-mails

evening walk with dogs

do something fun in honor of Halloween

Oh, by the way, J loved his 52 reasons anniversary gift.  Thanks again to Dahlia for telling me about this idea.  I had great fun making the gift, so it was a wonderful experience all around.

SL’s FTF, Thurs 31st October

Happy Halloween! If that’s not a contradiction in terms. Not my favourite occasion tbh. I shall rush home after work and close the door! 🙂

Watched Agents of SHIELD last night and it was ok but not great. Apparently it isn’t actually Josh Whedon at all but his brother and wife, or something (the Guardian blog is great for info like that) so not a patch on Buffy.

  • coffee
  • be on standby to proof-read agenda papers for Z
  • deal with emails
  • check stuff
  • get a head start on VAT return?
  • book karaoke
  • ironing
  • dinner with G – cassoulet out of a tin, will remind me of being in Burgundy!

Moosie Thursday 31 October

Yesterday went so fast! Can’t believe I’m sitting on the train again writing my ftf- it’s a little groundhogdayish! Yesterday we had a team meeting where my boss managed to display his complete lack of knowledge about what work actually has to be done behind certain major tasks and managed to simultaneously piss three of the four of us off pretty dramatically! He’s such a dick. It would be funny if we weren’t already maxed out on stuff as it is. I planned out the next 5-6 weeks and I am not going to have any spare time at all during the work days – will have to keep the chit-chatting and long lunches to a minimum if I don’t want to end up stuck there in the evenings or dropping the ball – but whatever, I’m just going to do what I can and if there’s anything I can do to help the others out I will. The thing that is helping me the most at the moment is being sure to make a list at the end of each day of the three most important things to be done first the next morning – it’s a far cry from the days when I used to go home with a clear desk each day but it does mean I can forget about it overnight without stressing.

* routines
* writing
* train stuff
* awesome new music to listen to
* SWIM thank you swimming for a dose of sanity in the morning!

* must test that project x stuff we’re almost there!!
* redo work already done thanks to boss being a dick!
* budget mtg at 11
* study – RC + new questions, was going well yesterday but time is of the essence
* gotta do bank recs today
* was hoping to get away at 5 or earlier?

* gotta do shopping
* washing for B who is on an 8-day work stint!
* music for at least an hour hopefully
* who’s cooking dinner?!
* cards?

SL’s FTF, Wed 30th Oct

Thanks to the hour going back, I’ve been waking up around 7 quite easily this week so today, although am working 10-6, I’ve been for a walk in the square for the first time in ages. One tree is down and quite a few leaves have been lost, but it was a beautiful morning out there. I’ve been missing my walks – perhaps I can fit a few more in before it starts to get really dark again.

Got my first draft of the accounts finished yesterday, so today should be reasonably relaxed, a case of incorporating any comments from chief etc. Watched World War Z in the evening – it had Peter Capaldi in a woolly jumper in it towards the end, and he swore in pretty much his first line, so that was the highlight for me.

  • walk
  • coffee
  • revise accounts as necessary
  • deal with all the queries that came in yesterday while I was doing the accounts
  • check payments
  • check sales invoices
  • make a start on VAT return, if time
  • leave at 6.00
  • food shopping
  • clear up carnage as was too lazy to do it last night
  • watch Agents of SHIELD? has anyone been watching this? I’ve only just found out it’s Joss Whedon. Annoyingly it appears one can only catch up one week on 4OD how rubbish is that… but might give it a whirl anyway

Moosie Wednesday 30 October

Glad the banner seems to have gone down ok so far 😉 yesterday was pretty full-on – busy at work and fun at home with lots of thinking around the edges. The good thing is I get the impression that for all the stillness and darkness of winter and the urge to hibinate, I’m going to be doing a lot of planting and a lot of healing under the surface and have a feeling the winter will just zip by! Some nice plans afoot too 😉

* routines
* writing – some good ideas, and again a massive turnaround in how I feel from when I wake up to when I’m ready to go
* train stuff

WORK: yesterday my payments got seriously complicated and ended up taking the whole morning!! I started lots of things but finished nothing! Pants.
* recheck VAT
* debit notes – send
* need to do project X stuff
* study Rc & new question
* gp mtg
* budget mtg
* budget stuff
* all the non-work stuff from yesterday
* work to 5.30

Tonight: B is on the late shift
* make decent food
* cleaning / laundry
* MUSIC (2 hours + hopefully)
* carry on with card stuff during warmups

10/30/13 ftf, wren

Taa-daa!!!  I’m popping in to FTF and work for a day, and then I leave for a symposium in Las Vegas tomorrow…

The trip to Arizona was eventful.  On the way to my mom’s house, we stopped to do the Spring Creek hike, visited Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park, stopped by Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, took a motorboat out on Lake Powell, and hiked in the national forest near Flagstaff.  All fun stuff.

I was quite nervous to see my mom and brother, as it has been 27 years!!!  Things went well, though, and we had a very nice visit.  Staying in the house where so many bad things happened was strange but not as bad as I thought it might be.  There were a lot of reminders of painful events, but I wasn’t overwhelmed by them.  My mom was determined that we should have a good time, because she wants us to come back to visit often.  The one thing of concern to me was that my mom has some obvious short-term memory problems.  She’s still perfectly capable of taking care of herself, but, because of my work, I know it is important to deal with this things early on. I discussed this with my brother, and we are going to work together to get her to a specialist for an assessment.

It was strange to leave the sunny, warm weather of Arizona and come back to snow.  Tomorrow it’s back to work, just for one day.  Fortunately, my boss will be out of town, and all the work that I did to get caught up before leaving will really pay off.




happy dog time!

morning cardio

work day

deal w/e-mail

clinical trials meeting

e-mail out of office message

phone mail out of office message

IRB payment

STTR stuff

pay bills

p card statements to dept

track down A18 payments

INS invoice

double check PARs, esp for K award

file state tax returns

folders for new studies

xfer IME payments

RACC certification

update study cheat sheet


after work




SL’s FTF, Tuesday 29th Oct

Because I worked 9-5 yesterday, I was able to get home, get the clearing up done and watch Homeland before G joined me for dinner. When he knocks on the door it always makes me jump but in post-Homeland state I actually said “Argh!” out loud which was quite hilarious, especially as he heard me 😉 Anyway, Homeland is getting good again now after last week which I thought was quite dull.

It was very quiet in the office yesterday morning although less so when E arrived – clearly hadn’t paid any attention to the weather forecast and had ended up putting the gospel music channel on her car radio! Maybe we should all have a chorus of Hallelujah, Praise the Lord when anyone makes it into the office in future.

In other news, after spending half a day with Mum’s Kindle on Saturday, am now tempted to get a Paperwhite one. Does anyone have any experience with these? The last gadget I bought was the Nike Fuel Band so am wary of not forking out for something I don’t need, but the prices of the e-books on Amazon seem to be coming down and it seems so easy and convenient to download books. I’ve read that the Paperwhite screen is frontlit (whatever that means!) which makes it easier to read.

On to today.

  • ironing
  • coffee
  • continue management accounts
  • prep for pointless meeting
  • go to pointless meeting
  • write commentary on management accounts
  • leave at 5.00
  • book group
  • I have World War Z on DVD so may watch that!